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The World's First 'Circus' Review

Posted under Blog, Music on November 7, 2008

The Sun newspaper in the U.K. have posted the world's first review of Circus! I must say I'm a tad bit jealous that Mr. Gordon Smart got to hear it before me. Here's what Mr. Smart says about four of Brit's album tracks:

If U Seek Amy: "It's a great track. A stomping robo pop number with clattering kettle drums and Brit being quite frank about the opinion she holds of herself."

Kill The Lights:  '"Kill The Lights" focuses on the star's relationship with the paparazzi, the lights referring to flash bulbs. It's a brilliant disco banger with an elastic bass line and plenty of spooky keyboard work. During Kill The Lights Brit addresses her camera-toting tormentors with the brilliant line: "Is that money in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?"

Circus: "The collection's title track sees Brit morphing ever closer to MADONNA. Circus has more than a passing resemblance to the industrial hip-hop-powered tracks on Hard Candy.

Out From Under: "It's a stirring break-up ballad up there with the best."

Smart by name, smart by nature, Gordon!! Thanks for the rave review! I can't wait to hear it myself!

Jennifer, Team Britney

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November 7, 2008 5:57 PM

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  1. Anne-Marie said:
    Jan 14 2009

    I have the britney album and there r 14 tracks not 13 ive look on all the web sites for track 14 an cant find it anywhere, i think its the best song on the album an every1's left it out lol

  1. nicky said:
    Dec 5 2008

    hi there brit! this is NICKY from the Philippines. Im your # 1 keep it girl i love the album...

    Take care always!

  1. adin said:
    Nov 29 2008

    hey britney circus is briliant so was black out. well done girl . yr gay fans in rsa

  1. Abraham said:
    Nov 20 2008

    I love All the new songs!! I can't wait for the release of Circus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Chris said:
    Nov 18 2008

    One more over here!

  1. alexandra sandino said:
    Nov 15 2008

    britney ven a colombia aqui tienes muchos fans ven aqui te esperamos con los brazos abiertos

  1. Spencer said:
    Nov 15 2008

    I luv kill the lights it is amazing. hope you come to new jersey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Mandy said:
    Nov 15 2008



  1. Evo said:
    Nov 14 2008

    I love this cover but my all time fav has to be for IN THE ZONE xxxxxxxxxx Love You Brit

  1. ura2008 said:
    Nov 12 2008

    we will always love you!

  1. Maite said:
    Nov 12 2008

    hi britney, I'm French and I would like to know what you feel for justin Timberlake?
    I do not particularly a fan of you but I love what you do always, I know that my previous question may seem indiscreet and I understand if you do not repond. I was doing great pains to see that you have suffered recently while you had every reason to be happy.

    Thank you.

  1. Carlos said:
    Nov 11 2008

    Britney Spain Loves You! Spain Needs You!
    You are Us

  1. lebrityque said:
    Nov 11 2008

    Hey Britney, it's Quentin your greatest fan iun France....
    On i heard Kill The Lights and I Love it so i want that this song be the 3rd single of Circus beacuse it's great it a hit and it'll be # 1 around the world, U must coming out this song .
    Like you're intelligent i know that you'll do it .
    4 U My Brit-brit

  1. stainboy_hk said:
    Nov 10 2008

    Britney I love you!

  1. rafael said:
    Nov 10 2008

    i love

  1. Singsong said:
    Nov 10 2008

    Good luck with yor son!!!

  1. søs said:
    Nov 10 2008

    hej britney
    du er sår sej og lækker og sød
    du er sår pen ......jeg vil ønsker jeg var dig
    kys søs
    p.s jeg elsker dig
    p.p.s piece of me er good
    elsker dig

  1. Marie said:
    Nov 10 2008

    I'm sooooooo looking forward to seeing your new music in Japan!!

    I believe in u and love u forever whatever happens!!

    No Britney,No Life!!!!

  1. Amanda said:
    Nov 10 2008

    Nice to see you're back! Been a fan of yours since the beginning. Would love to see you here in South Africa! See what you can do...

  1. suzy said:
    Nov 10 2008

    I know this is going to be her best album yet. I really loved Blackout.... Out of all her albums but i know this one is going to top it. God Bless!!!

  1. rakhi said:
    Nov 9 2008

    hey brit
    writing in frm india n i have loved u science foreva...n i think u have are doing a really gud job! just stick to it nad dont let people bother u with any life queen size n love 2 ur kids.....n u u!

  1. Nicolas said:
    Nov 9 2008

    You are so beautiful!!!

  1. nitish said:
    Nov 9 2008

    i love u million time ur d hottet sexiest chick in world i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuu i m frm india

  1. katya said:
    Nov 8 2008

    hey britney my inglish its no very well , but i just say
    go go go everybody love you and when you came
    here in houston please i like you music bey

  1. kayneeeee said:
    Nov 8 2008

    please come to Australia!!

  1. deangelo said:
    Nov 8 2008

    britney i love you so much and i caint wait to get your new album

  1. IM_Am said:
    Nov 8 2008

    Hey Brit
    i'm a huge huge fan of u. and i can't wait to have circus soon. i've listened KILL THE LIGHTS, and it's hot like you ....


  1. Daryl said:
    Nov 8 2008

    Britney Spears, the true Princess of Pop, she is oncourse to be the next Madonna, with the biggest come back of all time!

    Good Luck Brit with Circus and the forseeable future.

    The UK cannot wait for you to come back to London to see us!

    Love Hope & Spirit!

  1. Angela said:
    Nov 8 2008

    I am so happy that you have made it through probally the biggest fight of your life. I am so proud of you! As I am sure your children are too. I can't wait to see what the future holds for you and what suprises you are planning for your fans. Thanks for being as strong as your are and being able to still share your gift with the world. Take care and remember you and your family come first :)/

  1. Marta said:
    Nov 8 2008

    Hey Britney It's great to see you back on track the sad thing is i didnt get to hear all your music well i was one years old when you debuted but your songs will always stay strong no matter what I know you have soo many comment so you might not be able to read this one Britney your the most amazing person I have ever seen and an insperation people dont understand that you are a sensible person and that you have stayed strong through all of this your always my hero
    Love Marta xxoxooxoxooxox

    PS: Hope your goals come true

  1. Alexandre said:
    Nov 8 2008

    Hey I'm from france and I can say that Britney changed and turned bad before but not she is so beautiful the only thing I can say is to wish her to continue like this and Britney I wait very impatiently for your prestation in Star Academy..! :)

  1. will said:
    Nov 8 2008

    sooo proud of you...........never did like you but you have turned me!!!!!!!! you are an amazing woman .
    the comeback queen. keep moving forwad.
    true inspiration.

  1. amy said:
    Nov 8 2008

    i like britney

  1. Mark R. said:
    Nov 8 2008

    Britney I've had visions of you for 40 years.
    It's so good to have you in true life hear and now

  1. biggestfan said:
    Nov 8 2008

    Britney! i LOVE you! you should come to DC and do an autograph signing!

  1. Paulina said:
    Nov 8 2008


  1. Greek_fan said:
    Nov 8 2008

    The cover is totally amazing!!!!! I love it!!! I can't wait to buy the album! Good job sweet Brit!

  1. isaac said:
    Nov 8 2008

    Britney I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

  1. Logan said:
    Nov 8 2008

    You're so beautiful in Circus !
    It's a biggest come-back of the world !

    Congatulations Britney !
    I Love You, I Love You Forever !

  1. Leandro said:
    Nov 8 2008


  1. ayo said:
    Nov 8 2008

    already pre-ordered Circus Deluxe Edition! Can't wait

  1. JeCc said:
    Nov 8 2008

    I can't wait for circus!... I want to kill the lights! =D


  1. chilly said:
    Nov 8 2008

    i already pre-ordered on amazon. i can't wait. i can't wait. i can't wait. i can't wait!!! love you britney <3

  1. Anderson spears said:
    Nov 8 2008

    Britney: I do not know what to talk saw, I love you I love you very much, that sometimes seem to get in touch with you mentally, always follow his footsteps is twisted when you are by your news that makes me feel that shiver of happiness and emotion, not love you just because his career but as a person as a human being, I am Brazilian and I know it is hard to get to meet you but not lose the hope love you so much ..... a huge kiss

  1. JORDY said:
    Nov 8 2008

    Britney Loved u all my life only reason I LOVE music is cause of u. We Are all behind u good luck .

  1. naomii said:
    Nov 8 2008

    britty locked beautiful at madonnas concert=)
    But did she spoke to Justin????
    Hope so...

  1. janaina said:
    Nov 8 2008


  1. Brazz said:
    Nov 8 2008

    the kill the lights leak on youtube is not her it's marcella araica singin' it because it's the demo britney is gonna make it better

  1. ANGEL said:
    Nov 8 2008

    I can only say Britney Has to keep on singing Cuz shes the best And I can't wait for Circus #1 Whoo Hoo LOVE YOU BRITNEY

  1. brituxa said:
    Nov 8 2008


  1. antu said:
    Nov 8 2008

    ohhh brit estoy esperando el cd con muchas ansias, te súper amoooo (LL

  1. Cerys said:
    Nov 8 2008

    So Glad Britney's Back.. At her Best!! :)
    Amazing new video x Love it !! :D

  1. gloria said:
    Nov 8 2008

    britney i m your fan from italy! i only say : you are the best!! COMPLIMENTI E CONTINUA COSI!!Kiss

  1. nina said:
    Nov 8 2008

    i lowe you...mwah...

  1. michelle said:
    Nov 8 2008


  1. Jimmy said:
    Nov 8 2008

    OMG I love kill the lights so much !

  1. ANGEL said:
    Nov 8 2008

    I can only say Britney Has to keep on singing Cuz shes the best And I can't wait for Circus #1 Whoo Hoo LOVE YOU BRITNEY

  1. charlotte said:
    Nov 8 2008

    hi britney,

    at first congratulations for your awards ema 2008!!!
    when I saw you on tv that evening, you hair are looking very good!!! I can hardly wait till your album circus will be released in the netherlands!
    I want him to buy and listen very soooooooon.
    as very loud in my home!!!!
    wooooooooow and I admire you when I saw you in concert with madonna. I wish I could be there. but that is tooo far away from the netherlands!
    Iam very proud of you!!!
    groetjes charlotte from holland

  1. D_? said:
    Nov 8 2008

    Is it true that Britney Maccain has chosen?

  1. 1saac_Britbrit said:
    Nov 8 2008

    I am totolly agree man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Brit-Brit please do somethin'. we don;'t want your songs leacked on you tube like Blackout totollly unfair.....and it sound so weired from the original one's.PLEASE..........DO SOMETHIN' make it original brit i know you can....and please all of you!!!!!we must work things out!!!!!i dont want the song's to be like Blackout.and i really hope that this 'CIRCUS' album will be Brit's BEST OF THE BEST album in the market somethin' do you guy's agree?and team jennifer i know you can do better so please make it original.and hope that Circus song will be as good as Womanizer.

  1. Vania Valdés said:
    Nov 8 2008

    I LOVE YOU !

  1. naya said:
    Nov 8 2008

    so, i heard, is this the plan that the leaked songs are the intention from the producer just to increase hype. is it true? still a not good plan.... anyone have an idea what really going on? wat so excited about leaked songs anyway,,, i rather wait for dec 2nd to listen to all the songs.. not just some of them!!!!!!

  1. Tony said:
    Nov 8 2008

    I cant wait till Britney's next single and album comes out!! OMG i bet is gonna be GREAT!

  1. Kailea said:
    Nov 8 2008

    Britney I love you so much!! I can't wait till you do your thing in California!!

    PS I refuse to listen to any leaked track!! When you are ready for us to hear your new stuff, you'll let us know.


  1. lera said:
    Nov 8 2008

    Britney,I your fan.You number one!
    Your new video-womanizer so cool,ve
    ry cool!!!!!!!!You best sing in world.Britney,good luck!!!)))))))))

  1. HollandBritneylove! said:
    Nov 8 2008

    I don't understand why people are saying that ' you are back' .. You was never gone, did you?
    It's normal to take a break when you have two babies at home and a devorcing with your husband

    I really love Sean Preston and Jayden James! They're so cute and adorable!

    I hope you come with your tour to Holland (The Netherlands) Britney! I want to see your reallityshow so I hope it comes on mtv in Holland =)

    Brit, I'm your biggest fan! But I'm not the only one, they're so many people wo think that too! Don't be scared for the haters

    Britney I love you so much!

  1. LoveBrit said:
    Nov 8 2008

    Brit, I love you!
    I have heard your new song too, I like him so much! Really sad that it's leaked on the Internet.

    I don't understand why all the people are saying ' You're back!'.. You're not back, you was never gone! I don't understand that. It's normal to take a break with two young babies at home and a devorcing with your husband.

    I'm really excited about your new album! And I can't wait so see your realityshow! I hope it comes in the Nederlands (Holland) too. Hope that Preston and Jayden in the show too =)

    Britney I'm your biggest fan, i love you! You be in my hart every day

  1. khuong said:
    Nov 8 2008

    i love britney

  1. Britney said:
    Nov 8 2008

    ☺ Britney ☺

    ♥ I love you too

    I hope you're ok ok ♥

  1. gogle said:
    Nov 8 2008

    This is me favorite album she has made

  1. Giu said:
    Nov 8 2008

    Britney you need a big promotion here in Italy, because, the most important radios here (RDS, RTL 102.5, Radio DeeJay) don't air Womanizer...
    and they did the same thing with Blackout's singles... neither Gimme More (expept for some spin on radio Deejay).
    Here in Italy there are a lot of regional and local radios, but the sold of the singles and the albums are trained by these principal National radios.
    Please make an appeareance on these radios or something else with your label, to let "Circus" Number 1 here in Italy!
    Me and your italians fan will buy it, but i think that you should convince the others on the quality and the beauty that you offer with your album! Hugs! =)

  1. Brooke said:
    Nov 8 2008

    Thanks for posting this review! It's exciting. I can't wait to hear Kill The Lights. Such a catchy title. I'm reading some comments on here that are saying that Kill The Lights has been leaked onto the net. I'll just wait for the CD to come out, lol. More exciting that way=)And I still can't get over what an angel Britney looks like on her new album cover. I love everything about it. When I watch the preview for the documentary that'll come out on MTV this month, I get goosebumps!! I've watched it more than five times atleast, lol.


  1. elma said:
    Nov 8 2008

    wow, this is amazing, the best of britney ever. New album is fantastic, everytime britney down every record.We are happy bcs we live in time when she live. She is legend.

  1. Giu said:
    Nov 8 2008

    I'm waiting to buy circus here in Italy!!!
    I love you Britney! I hope to see you perform here in Italy.
    I suggest you to perform to "Amici di Maria De Filippi" a talent TV-show which air every Sunday on "Canale 5".
    In some words, this is a school which train boys and girls in dance, act and sing, and at the end of the school year there is a winner who wins a contract in the principal category he studied. Maybe too short and confused!!! but i hope you'll think about it! =)
    sunady 2nd november, the show made 3.472.000 viewers witha 23,36% of share points! it airs at from 14:00 to 16:00.

  1. Azoozi said:
    Nov 8 2008

    Cant We listen To a part of the songs????

    Because i Cant Wait untill It's Released

  1. joana said:
    Nov 8 2008

    i flagged kill the lights HQ on youtube..
    do the same guys..
    BRITNEY, when will you sneak away to the PHILIPPINES?? anytime you want.. we'll welcome you.

  1. Matt said:
    Nov 8 2008

    Hey Britney! I grew up listening to your music, and you're wonderful! Singapore loves you!

  1. Alex T said:
    Nov 8 2008

    Hi, Britney! How`s it going? You did a great job on the Madonna`s concert. You looked so gorgeous, strong, happy and self-confident. I just love you!!! Please do something with songs leak!!! I just found kill the lights in the internet. You look so beautiful on the Circus cover. Love it.

  1. Wojtek said:
    Nov 8 2008

    Britney you are the best. I looked so sexy with madonna on stage ! Better than she !!! I tell U , u will be the next Queen of Pop, ups. U're the Queen of POp. Your songs are the best in world Everyone in Poland Loves You! And you are so sexy. I love your legs the are amazing ! You are the most sexy woman in the world.
    Good luck !!!! :******

  1. tatiane said:
    Nov 8 2008

    Britney ...
    Sou uma fã brasileira,que acompanha sua tragetoria a alguns anos !
    Nos seus momentos em que vc passou por alguns problemas na carreira e na vida pessoal , eu te acompanhei .. pelos noticiarios e pela tv !
    torco por vc !

    Te amoo !

  1. Vale said:
    Nov 8 2008

    cant wait december 2nd
    im counting the days...... :)

    kisses from italy (roma)

  1. Matheus Ribeiro said:
    Nov 8 2008

    oi Britney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Eu te amo muito!!!
    I love you!!!
    you is beautiful!
    come on to Brazil!!!

  1. stefney said:
    Nov 8 2008

    is it true that britney is coming to the netherlands? my boyfriend heard it on the radio but I need to hear it from here before i believe it

  1. Brittany Maytom said:
    Nov 8 2008

    U rock babe .. I think ur hot as S%#T!!!

    R u ever touring in Australia??

    Hope realll soonn =)

    Love ya MissBrit xx

  1. ouston said:
    Nov 8 2008

    bonjour je me prénome frederic j'habite en france à grenoble isere.30ans J'ai vu ton dernier clip vidéo il et vraiment magnifique tu et tres tres tres tres belle.Ci vous êtes célibataire alors je veux bien faire votre connaissance svp merci
    Je suis sympa mignon et beaucoup dimagination.
    merci de me contacter par EMAIL.
    frederic qui vous embrasse tres fort.

  1. Liddiaaa,, said:
    Nov 8 2008

    Holaaaa Britney !
    Queria decirte que me alegro mucho que hayas regresedo,que porfin puedo hacerles comer las palabras a toda aquella gente que hablaba mal de ti. haha
    Que tengo una carta para ti,te la envie pero me la devolvieron por falta de informacion en la direccion.
    Pero seguire intentandolo, hasta que la leeas.
    Ademas le inclui un regalo =)

    Kiss ! Best wishes !!
    Desde: BARCELONA !!! =)BARCELONA !!! =)



    Se que hay muchísima gente que
    también desea que leas sus comentarios
    y que también te quieren mucho,
    por eso sería muy afortunada
    si lo tradujeras.
    Necesito información para poderte enviar mi carta!!
    *Contact with me by msn !!!!!!! PLEASE


  1. sarah oakes said:
    Nov 8 2008

    hi britney, just wanted to say how wonderful you are looking and how amazing your comeback is. i know what its like to feel the lowest of lows and highest of highs. you have come back with class, flair and positivity. good work xxx

  1. Ueto said:
    Nov 8 2008

    Love you so much Britney. Your the best among the rest. Keep it up! ;)

    Cant wait to see you perform here in the Philippines!

  1. emira said:
    Nov 8 2008

    Britney,please tell me your adress..I love you!!!!

    P.S.Enyone who know her adress,write me to me

  1. Barbara said:
    Nov 8 2008

    I can't wait to get your new album. I love you, Britney!!!!

  1. Amanda said:
    Nov 8 2008

    So I decided not to FREAK OUT AND TYPE LIKE THIS, but I would like to request that someone on Britney's team, management, lawyers, etc look into these leaks please. Britney has worked to hard to have this happen to her now. Sure it may raise popularity, but it isn't legal, and it isn't right. She busts her butt on this stuff, so please try and put a stop to these.

    Thank you very much

  1. Francois said:
    Nov 8 2008

    Im from South-Africa, and a total Brit fanatic! Theres only 1 madge and one brit! Brit is living proof that she is a pheonix, just like madge! Hope they colaborate again! Thanx 4 returning and rockin this planet up again, Brit! Ur da princess!!! Xo xo

  1. syipa said:
    Nov 8 2008

    hello Britney the best...............! I'm Fens you,i am like you
    i am in Indonesia , By Syipa

  1. Jennah- said:
    Nov 8 2008

    Britney I LOVE YOU!!Bigist fan here in wellington New Zealand.You guys have done a Great job on this website and Brit has send u great pics.Xx

  1. Chris said:
    Nov 8 2008


  1. Diego Abel Ocampo Elizalde said:
    Nov 8 2008

    I love you BRITNEY your album CIRCUS is goin to be the BEST ALBUM OF THE WORLD, THANK YOU.

  1. Valerie said:
    Nov 7 2008

    Keep it up girl you are looking so good these days, just worry about taking care of you and your two little angels, and ignore all the bullsh*t. I am not really a big fan, i just didn't agree with them bashing you the way they were. So i am glad to see you are doing better!! Keep it up!

  1. SElly said:
    Nov 7 2008

    I love Britney.I live in Slovakia.You go on slovakia pls Britneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  1. Selim L. Rehman said:
    Nov 7 2008

    Hi Brits,

    I don't know anything but I know only that you are rally a great lady with a great and soft heart. You got really a artistic heart which can be mis leaded by emotion.

    I wish you to over come all the silly issue published by the yellow journalist.

    Take care, LOVE YOU

  1. Katy said:
    Nov 7 2008

    I love all these reviews, makes me more excited, again seems to be exactly like my currant taste in music <3 <3 <3

  1. Jenna Giddens said:
    Nov 7 2008

    I have to say to say your new album is just awesome!! With all the different publicity you have been getting it seems as though you really no longer actually have a friend. This is just as a curtisus more because I am honest not interested in any of your fame or anything you have. I just know how it is to feel lonely. I would be more than happy to be your friend to listen to you, honestly to celeberites like you are really just people like me who everyone knows there name.

  1. josh said:
    Nov 7 2008

    can't wait i hope it's better than backout

    that album is the best keep in rockin B

  1. marlo said:
    Nov 7 2008

    hey people..stop leaking patient!!!

    december is near already....!!!

  1. kat said:
    Nov 7 2008

    your so talented & a great artist/dont let others bring u down or tell u any different!!
    u rock!!

  1. angelica said:
    Nov 7 2008

    hola britney de verdad me alegra q hayas vuelto a tu verdadera realidad , como lo q tu eres una estrella , y yo se que de ahora en adelante te va ir super bien tanto en tu carrera como en el aspecto amoroso y familiar ya lo veras , me da mucho gusto volverte a ver en la pantalla , te deceo todo lo mejor , espero que leas este mensaje si lo puedes traducir , porque me salio desde el fondo de mis pensamientos cuidate y que dios te bendiga a ti a tus hijos y familia.

  1. angelica said:
    Nov 7 2008

    hola britney de verdad me alegra q hayas vuelto a tu verdadera realidad , como lo q tu eres una estrella , y yo se que de ahora en adelante te va ir super bien tanto en tu carrera como en el aspecto amoroso y familiar ya lo veras , me da mucho gusto volverte a ver en la pantalla , te deceo todo lo mejor , espero que leas este mensaje si lo puedes traducir , porque me salio desde el fondo de mis pensamientos cuidate y que dios te bendiga a ti a tus hijos y familia.

  1. Hector said:
    Nov 7 2008

    Please... don't let the other songs leak!!!!!

  1. Tony said:
    Nov 7 2008


  1. eduardo garces said:
    Nov 7 2008

    britney, eres la unica persona qe con tu voz me alegras el dia, realmente sin tu musica, no sabria que hacer, te amo brit, te amo.

  1. Vinicius - Brazil said:
    Nov 7 2008

    I think it's gonna be a GREAT cd!
    It's her return! I can't wait for that!


  1. Saulo Resende said:
    Nov 7 2008

    Ela esta cada vez mais linda! Te amo Britney. Você sempre será a nossa princesa do POP, quero que você venha ao Brasil. Estamos te esperando. Te amo muito. Saulo Resende

  1. gerardo said:
    Nov 7 2008

    everybody vote for britney!!!

    katy perry is really close!!!!

  1. Amanda said:
    Nov 7 2008

    this totally made me beyond thrilled about hearing the new album lolz i love the cleverness lolz for example, "Is that money in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?"..thumbs up on that one lolz thumbs up on all of them! im so excited , brit's 27th birthday cannot come soon enough! for a number of reasons lolz 1)good morning america 2)circus!! 3)britney gets cake lolz

  1. connie down under said:
    Nov 7 2008

    its not only her best album yet,but, the music is fantastic and the lyrics are truely whats brit's been through and felt the past year or so. Im so happy she's back on top of her career and kids. Theres only one problem when do i where my save britney t-shirt? never again i think! To brit, im not a superstar but ive been going through similar situations thanks for the inspiration us young mums need to stick together and take on the world!!!! congrats brit mmwahh xoxoxo

  1. mario said:
    Nov 7 2008

    she is not morphing into madonna hard CANDY IS A COPIED BLACKOUT

  1. eric said:
    Nov 7 2008


  1. ALB said:
    Nov 7 2008


  1. Lett said:
    Nov 7 2008

    I love Britney! So glad she's doing better than ever!!! Can't wait for her concert!!!

  1. manakel karla said:
    Nov 7 2008

    I only say:

    Miss Britney the best!!!
    With new sound, new image, new life. . .
    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Mar! said:
    Nov 7 2008

    como se explica lo que Hace sentir una persona como vos.
    Tus fans te adoran!

  1. JÚ said:
    Nov 7 2008


  1. aaron Perra said:
    Nov 7 2008 kill the lights is all over the internet??? whats going on??? another leak??? why is this happening to Brit???? And whats going to happen next??? We have to put a stop to this!!!!

  1. help !!! said:
    Nov 7 2008

    hey britney TEAM filter will kill the lights, please do something, the album will also be able to download AT ANY TIME. this is very bad for britney!! help

  1. stacey said:
    Nov 7 2008

    Seriously Britney,

    Get ahold of me. Lots to talk about!! All good.


  1. KYLE said:
    Nov 7 2008