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Franklin Internship Awards

Established in the 2006-2007 academic year by Ellis Hyman '87, the Franklin Internship Award is designed to provide sophomore-level and above students with funding to pursue Intersession or summer internships.

The Franklin Award will not entirely fund an internship, but is designed to put once-in-a-lifetime internship opportunities within the financial reach of W&J students. The College has designed this program to enable students to travel and pursue opportunities that would be impossible for them to afford otherwise-for example, spending the summer internship for Doctors without Borders in New York or traveling to Hawaii during Intersession to study humpback whales.

While students are responsible for finding their internships and fulfilling the requirements for acceptance to the internship, the Office of Career Services is happy to help in the search for an appropriate internship experience.

Once a student has an internship for which he or she would like to obtain funding, the following criteria and steps must be met:

Criteria for eligibility for the Hyman Award:

  • Sophomore year and above
  • Good academic standing
  • Internship may be paid or unpaid
  • Internship may be for credit or noncredit
  • All majors are eligible to apply

Candidates must submit:

  • An application
  • Internship program proposal and projected budget with supporting documentation
  • Resume
  • Transcript
  • Essay on personal or professional goals and how this internship opportunity will further those goals

Recipients awarded the scholarships are expected to:

  • Successfully complete their respective internships
  • Complete a journal on the experience
  • Acknowledge the scholarship donor
  • Agree to report on the experience and serve as a campus resource/representative for future scholarship applicants
  • Complete applicable requirements for internships awarding academic credit in consultation with academic advisor

For More Information

Visit the Office of Career Services in the lower level of the Rossin Campus Center or call ext. 5126 or click here (pdf).

Applications for the Summer of 2010 are now closed.