RGC Interview with DTS Chatrix

Last week we had an interview with MaNia- from Meet Your Makers but this week we present you an interview with none other than the Ukrainians from team DTS Chatrix! Read on to find out when the team decided to take it up a notch and play the game competitively and their view on the future of DotA.

DTS|Chatrix at ESWC 2010
Dota-League: Please introduce yourself briefly to the DotA community 

Dread: Hello, my name is Andrey, and i am an alcoholic.

Hey, i am Yaroslav Kuznetsov, u might know me as NS

Hey DL. My name is Dmitriy Kupriyanov, also known as LightofHeaven.

Hi I am Dendi, and I am cool!

Hi! I am a manager of DTS.Chatrix team, and you know me as v1lat. 

JaKurwaPierdze: What was the first hero you ever played in DotA?

DreadI might be wrong since it was a long time ago, but I think it was Blademaster. The reason why I played him was because he looked like he was the most imba hero.

NS: Was a Beer Panda, sure!

Light: Mine was a Soulkeeper.

Zatby_Anh: Which do you think might be the hardest team you will have to fight and how will you prepare?

NS: Lgd.Sgty.

Dota-League: You recently played at ESWC and have seen EHOME dominating. They analyzed all their opponents thoroughly and prepared individually for each opponent. Do you think Asian teams are generally better or do you think it is a matter of a higher amount of training / time compared to European / American DotA teams?

NS: Asia has a lot more tournaments then Europe, especially LAN tourneys. This, to me, is the only aspect in which they are better at the moment. More tourneys = more competition, and more competing teams = better average skill.

Dendi: They are robots.

Light: It is simple. Asia>Europe.

Dota-League: At which point during your time of playing DotA did you decide you wanted to play it professionally and what made you take this decision? 

Dread-: Money. Fame. Girls. All these things, you can’t reach playing DotA. So I don’t know why the **** I am playing it.  But seriously, I didn’t really aim to play DotA on `pro` level, it just happened.

Dota-League: If you had the chance to host a tournament, how would you do it (Which mode, what prizes, offline finals etc.) ? 

Dread-: It would be online championship consisting of 4 seasons. 8 top teams. Each season will have a different mode:

1st season - 1x1 cd (since first pick is really important there it would be 2 games with different first pick sides. Maybe with short hero pool like 7-10 heroes.

2nd season. 3x3 cd,

3rd season. 5x5 cd,

and the last one 5x5 cm.

Different point count for each season, and it won’t run for a long time, but it should be as much fun for players as for observers

NS-: CM mode, and of course it should be LAN tourney with an online qualification, but main aim would be to have it on LAN. Online is not competition at all. It’s like, you can hold the chess world cup online right? Yeah, but no one is gonna hold the chess world cup online, obviously. Same as all other cyber sport, with DotA in particular.

Dota-LeagueWhat do you think about the organization of the Razer Global Challenge and should tournaments like these be hosted more often?

v1lat: Great site, great system, best teams and really good support from admin-team - what more do we need to host the best Dota-tournament in the world?

Dota-LeagueHow do you see the future of DotA in eSports?

Dread: It`s really unpredictable for me, since it depends on influential people and what they are interested in.

NS: A game with +10 million players can’t die, how will it be? Up to IceFrog, I hope his partnership with Valve will be efficient, and they make a good future for DotA and millions of DotA addicts all over the world.

Light: It will be a good place where people fight vs each other together.

Dendi: Dota will make me famous.

Dota-LeagueIf you could name the top 5 teams to make it in the Razer Global Challenge, which ones do you expect there? 

Dread:  nirvana.cn, lgd and of course TPAKTOP.Team.

NS: lgd.sgty, DTS, NV.my, MYM, and one more Asian team :-p

Light: I can`t name 5 teams... All have equal chances.

v1lat: DTS, LGD.sGty, Nirvana.cn, Nirvana.usa, LOST.eu

JaKurwaPierdze: What do you think about the reliable / unreliable gold changes in v6.68 ?

Dread: It`s exactly what I wanted. Would make DotA more action packed. So im really happy about it.

NS: Time will show, can’t speak about it before I actually test in real games. But it sounds interesting.

Dota-League: Any shoutouts to the DotA community or friends?

Dread: No time for shoutouts! Need to practice!

NS: o//

Dendi: Best wishes to EHOME! See you in another life, bros...

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23.09.2010 12:35
Team: NE
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lol @ dendi
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23.09.2010 13:19
nice one!
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dendi best
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dendi discovered electricity !
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23.09.2010 13:32
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xDDD, grat interviw, laughed at so many parts!
chinese equal robots? cool story, pro
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23.09.2010 14:34
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europe > asia!
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Team: MaLi
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