Heavy Duty Iron Boot Straps

My Legs Are Just

TOO Strong!

I love my Iron

Boots, but the old

straps won't hold

the weight!

Before leg extension and leg curl machines there was Iron Boot training. Iron Boots have been helping athletes get unbelievable leg development for decades.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with Iron Boots, they are a pair of iron sandals that strap on your feet. They have a small bar placed through the sole of the boot which allows them to be loaded with weight plates and used for several different leg exercises.

Atomic Athletic now has the premier Heavy Duty Iron Boot Strap for those of you who need to hold more weight, or just need a replacement strap for your antique iron boots.

The buckles are designed not to slip with heavy resistance. In fact, they were originally designed as tie-down buckles for military cargo planes. Of course, at 30 inches in length you will not be lashing down a tank, but you can use your Iron Boots with your shoes on!

While Iron Boots are ideal for leg exercises, most people don’t realize that Iron Boots are also perfect for abdominal training. Hanging leg raises, and various forms of sit-ups can be taken to the extreme with the addition of Iron Boot exercises to your routine. They are also a very efficient way to add weight to your pull-ups and stretch out your hip flexors. No matter what you use them for, Iron Boots are worth their weight in gold.

Check out Brooks Kubik’s excellent Iron Boot Q & A at Dinosaur training central.

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This package is only for the Heavy Duty STRAPS!

Iron Boots, bars, and/or weights NOT INCLUDED.


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