Ankle Stability Kit

Sprained Your Ankle?

Weak Ankles?

If your ankles go, forget real strength on the field. I am big on leg strength, but I really do believe in building strength from the ground up. If you can’t use your feet, then all the leg strength in the world will not help you on the field. You name the sport.

It is all over the internet and physical therapy journals that once a sprain has occurred, the ankle is NEVER as strong as it once was. I believe that is a pretty broad generalization, but I have seen that concept written again and again. They also all say that you need to strengthen that ankle through a series of exercises.

Start your ankle work NOW!

It is not enough to just do calf raises. You need to work it into your regular program. I was a soccer player as a kid and through high school. I saw some awesome ankle problems. The best ball handler could be crippled for an entire season because of an ankle injury. This goes for ANY sport where you are on your feet.

Using the Train Like A Strongman philosophy, I have put together a booklet, short video and an easy to use kit that will modify the way you use your iron boots. Yes. I believe that Iron Boots could be the best lower body lifting tool ever developed.

Who were the toughest old birds in the world? The old time football trainers. Looking through some old football trainer’s literature, I found a very easy way for you to adapt your Iron Boots for ankle stability exercises. You don't even need to buy our Iron Boots. I have tried this method out with 10 different past manufacturers models. This is NOT a replacement for a proper physical therapist, or rehab program. This is what you will want to do to help prevent future problems and build yourself back above and beyond your previous level.

If you need Iron Boots, here is a link.

Injury prevention should be foremost on your mind when strength training for athletics. Study after study indicates that ankle injuries are the most common. Don't be a victim of an ankle injury.

Included in this package:
UltraLite Loading Bar (20 Inch Aluminum)
ONE Aluminum Striker Boot (NOT a Pair)
4 Narrow Allen Collars
6 Feet of Elastic Theraban Rubber
Stretching & Isometric Rope
Ankle Stability Training Course
Ankle Stability Training DVD

NOW Also Includes ONE of our Aluminum Striker Boots!

Whether this is the off season time for your sport or in-season, you cannot afford to have an ankle injury. This is not rocket science. If you can train your quads, then you can train your ankles. Progressive resistance training works for your entire body, pardon the pun, but don’t let your ankles be your Achilles Heel.

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