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About Frances Strickland

Frances HeadshotSmall.jpgFirst Lady Frances Strickland shares the Governor's vision of a better future for Ohioans.

Frances was born in Kentucky, where she grew up on a dairy farm. Like the Governor, she had the opportunity to pursue higher education and eventually earned a doctorate in educational psychology at the University of Kentucky --where she met her future husband.

After graduation, Frances worked many years in a public school system as an educational psychologist. She authored a screening test for kindergarten-age children and a children's book, The Little Girl Who Grew Up To Be Governor.

As first lady of Ohio, Frances works on a number of initiatives. In addition to serving as the chair of the Family and Children First Councils, Frances lends her help to work on education, the environment, renewable energy, and inclusion.

Ted and Frances share an uncommon commitment to the people of Ohio.

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