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1. State of Emergency by Pat Buchanan, 2006
2 Men in Black: How The Supreme Court is Destroying America by Mark Levin, 2005
3. Deliver Us From Evil by Sean Hannity, 2004
4. The Monster Show by David J. Skal, 1993
5. Watership Down by Richard Adams, 1972
What I

1. Brian Setzer Orchestra
2. Michale Graves
3. Evanescence
4. Social Distortion
5. Ramones
Must See Movies

1. Play Misty For Me, 1971
2. Talk Radio, 1988
3. Pump Up The Volume, 1990
4. Blade Trilogy, 1998-2004
5. SAW Trilogy, 2004-2006
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The liberal politician has the only job where they go to the office to work for everyone but those who pay their salary.
Audio Clips

Deputy Minority Whip Eric Cantor on McCain's VP choice. Listen
Wilkow and Tom DeLay talk about Conservatives losing backbone. Listen
Moveon Ad Parody. Listen
About Andrew Wilkow

“Reagan is good for business” was Andrew’s introduction to politics. “I was real little, but that’s what my dad used to say.” Andrew Wilkow began his radio career at the college radio station. Conservative leaning politics were always his heart and he expressed his views on the air regularly, much to the anger of his co-workers. “I was basically just anti-P.C. at first.” He broke out of music radio in 2002 when he was given a trial/fill-in slot for Mark Levin on his hometown station, WABC in NYC. “That was huge and that’s when I first met Sean Hannity.” Soon after that he earned a weekend slot then a full time job at an upstate station. I basically did a 300 mile roundtrip every weekend for over 3 years to do both shows. Wilkow’s move to SIRIUS brings his new sound of conservative talk radio to a national audience. To quote Andrew, “Now is the time for the new school of conservative voices with a whole new style and passion – moving to SIRIUS lets me take that style and passion nationwide."