Train Like A Strongman DVD Vol. 1

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Classic Strongmen Knew

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Men like John Grimek, Bill Pearl, Sig Klein, Ed "Strangler" Lewis were the icons of their day. Physically impressive as body builders, but powerfully strong lifters. Those guys had it all.

You have read the Train Like A Strongman: Basic Course and you are hooked on the classic magazines like Strength & Health. You are buying up the Arthur Saxon books and old MILO literature. What you need now is the DVD.

Roger LaPointe has spent years studying the literature, training with some of the greats and documenting the tricks of the trade with video. Now you can benefit from his years of study. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. A DVD is worth even more.

Train Like A Strongman DVD Vol. 1 concentrates on "The Upper Body Squat", also known as the Pull-Over and the Power Clean & Press.

The Pull Over

With the Pull-Over you get footage of Bill Pearl's gym with Bill training Roger in some of the finer points of the pull-over. Roger has added additional footage of pull-over techniques you may have never seen performed live. This upper body move brings in the lats, chest, triceps, forearms and stomach. It was considered such a vital move the even Arthur Jones included the pullover machine in his line.

The Power Clean & Press

The Power Clean & Press is such an important move, Roger created an entire couse built around the basic Olympic style moves for the Marine Martial Arts Instructor Trainer Division. Drawing on that much more lengthy live course, Roger concentrates on clean, it's differences with the power clean and the baics of the standing press. You get the additional contrasts and variations of using an Olympic barbell and a globe style barbell. You will learn the advantages of both and the best times and reasons to use each classic tool. Remember, the rotating Olympic barbell was brought into regular use in this country in 1932, so both tools were used in the same gyms by the same guys. Get some of their secrets here.

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