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The heartbeat of conservatism. SIRIUS XM Patriot features true voices of conservatism – Mike Church, Glenn Beck, Andrew Wilkow, Sean Hannity, "The Great One" Mark Levin, Cam & Company from NRA News.com, Rusty Humphries, and Gary Bauer & Tom Rose – all together in one place.
Mike Church
Weekdays 6 am ET
Saturdays 5 am ET
Sundays 6 am ET
“A man, a myth, a machine of clear Constitutional thought.” Mike Church fearlessly skewers liberalism and the people who practice it – using facts to promote the singular notion that in order to save our future, we must look back to the principles our beloved union was founded upon. Call Mike at 866-95-PATRIOT.
Glenn Beck
Weekdays 9 am - Noon ET
Saturdays 8 am - 10 am ET
Sundays 9 am - 11 am ET
Best-selling author and star of radio, TV, stage, and more, Glenn Beck connects with listeners in a whole new way - inspiring with his personal stories, insightful views, and sharp opinions. His quick wit and engaging personality have made The Glenn Beck Program one of the highest rated radio programs in America. You can reach the show at 888-727-BECK
Andrew Wilkow
Weekdays Noon - 3 pm ET
Saturdays 2 pm
Sundays 1 pm ET
“Raised during Reagan, suffered through Clinton” - Andrew Wilkow provides perfectly executed political analysis and crafts his unmistakable opinions in “one thing and one thing only… and that is rational thought.” Individual Patriot first, conservative second, Republican third, reach Andrew at 866-95-PATRIOT.
Sean Hannity 76
Weekdays 3 pm - 6 pm ET
Saturdays 5 pm - 8 pm ET
Sundays 4 pm - 7 pm ET
Conservative icon and Reagan Republican Sean Hannity offers his passionate analysis of the day’s top stories and the political discourse shaping America – inviting listeners across the land to have their say side by side with influential newsmakers and prominent politicians. Call Sean at 800-941-7326.
Mark Levin
The Mark Levin Show
Weekdays 6 pm - 9 pm ET
Former top adviser to President Reagan’s Cabinet and currently head of the prestigious Landmark Legal Foundation, Mark Levin is one of America's pre-eminent conservative commentators and constitutional lawyers. Mark’s show offers one of a kind perspective, information, and opinion from a brilliant legal and patriotic mind. Reach Mark at 877-381-3811.
David Webb
Saturdays 10 am -1 pm ET
The David Webb Show: Frequent doses of common sense and the occasional reality check. Webb hosts this live, call in show featuring commentary and opinion on breaking news and issues and interviews with newsmakers, community leaders and other notable guests.
Cam & Company
Weekdays 9 pm - Midnight ET
Join host Cam Edwards for breaking stories and coverage of current events plus lively debate and discussion with lawmakers and newsmakers engaged in the battle to preserve American freedoms. Call the talk-back line at 1-866-NRA-NEWS and watch the webcast at NRANews.com
Rusty Humphries_2010
Weekdays Midnight - 3 am ET
Saturdays 8 pm - Midnight ET
For “tomorrow’s news tonight,” join Rusty Humphries for a fast-paced, eye-opening look at current events and politics that’ll take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Visit Rusty online at www.talk2rusty.com
Cigar Dave
Saturdays 1 pm ET
Often referred to as “the General,” Cigar Dave caters to cigar lovers far and wide. Loyal followers known as "Cigar Lieutenants" tune in for news and information about cigars, spirits, and other lifestyle diversions. Call Dave at 888-SMOKE-THIS
Bauer & Rose
Sundays 11 am, 7 pm ET
Gary L. Bauer, president of the non-profit organization American Values and Tom Rose, former publisher and CEO of the Jerusalem Post, team-up for two hours of fresh opinions on news, politics, media, culture and more. Bauer and Rose have one goal: to re-enforce that conservative principles are fundamental to the survival of our nation. Join Bauer and Rose at 866-95-PATRIOT.
Call SIRIUS XM Patriot: 866-95-PATRIOT
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