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Ahmard Hall

Ahmard Hall

Ahmard Hall

Ahmard Hall:
"I was 18-years-old when I joined the Marine Corps. You know, I thought I needed a little more discipline in my life, and I liked, you know, what the Marines had to offer and what my, my, uh, brother-in-law had transformed into, so, I mean, it was just a, a natural feeling for me to go in and follow in his footsteps.

Recruit training is a total transformation. You definitely won´t be the same individual that you, you know, you were when you got there.

The drill instructors, when you come in, you think they´re playing a lot of games with you, but everything has a purpose. They always say it´s the method behind the madness. You know, because they´re screaming at you, they´re making you do things, you know, at a certain pace, and you, you have to run, you have to rush, and you have to do everything, you know, expediently, but when you get out, actually get out in the field, you understand that purpose, that´s how everything goes. Or, you know, someone, someone might not make it.

Being a Marine has helped me so much, you know, with, with my journey, you know, to, to accomplish what I´ve accomplished now. I mean, just setting out, ya know, when I decided I was gonna pursue this dream, play professional football, I mean it just gives you the mental toughness that it takes. And, uh, when I talk to kids, I´ve always, I always talk about discipline. And that´s one of the main things the Marine Corps stresses is discipline. I think anything can be accomplished with discipline.

`Cause Marine teaches you, you know, to become, be a team, be totally selfless, and, uh, playing in, ya know, in a position of fullback, you have to be a totally selfless individual.

Every time I, ya know, come out on the field, I have vets in the stands. I mean, Marines always come up to me, "Semper Fi." "Hoorah!" Once a Marine, always a Marine. You truly, we have that brotherhood. I can go anywhere, you know, and get a job for a, from a former Marine. I can go, you know, anywhere, in, you know, a former Marine is always gonna look out for me.

I came in undisciplined, you know, 18-year-old kid, you know, thinking I knew everything, and, uh, once I left there, I left there a man, with purpose.

You wanna, you know, do the best, be the best, Marine Corps is the place for you to go."

Rank: Sergeant 
Years of Service: 1998–2002 
MOS: Field Radio Operator 
When Ahmard Hall was in high school, professional football was his dream. Seeking the discipline and direction he needed, he chose to become a Marine.  
In the Marine Corps, he gained leadership and teamwork skills, and the determination to reach his goal.  
After completing his service, he went on to earn a degree at the University of Texas, where he helped propel the Longhorns to win the 2005 National Championship. Now in the NFL, he is the starting fullback 
for the Tennessee Titans.