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Chemtrailing is Normal! Dr. Shine Clouds the Truth about the Sun with Pseudo Science

By Neil Foster, 26th June 2010.

According to the Daily Mail, we should all feel guilty about taking a flight to our holiday destination because we’re the cause of all those aircraft up there spraying the sky with toxic chemicals such as aluminium and barium. They say that these trails are responsible for blocking out essential sunlight.–jet-trails-block-sunshine.html

However, there’s nothing really to worry about because these trails are simply caused by ice crystals as a by-product of jet fuel. They also apparently spread out and form clouds in certain atmospheric conditions although the article doesn’t explain why this is such a new phenomenon or the fact that it only happens in NATO countries.

When Obama’s science advisor John Holdren, who also wants to sterilise people against their will through chemicals in food and water and forced vaccinations, is openly talking about geoengineering the planet by chemically spraying the atmosphere, doesn’t it strike you that this kind of article actually is telling you they’re already doing it and have been for some time?

In an ironic twist of course, blocking out the sun is the very thing that lunatics like Holdren want to do, to cool the planet apparently to save us all. Isn’t this exactly what’s happening? The planet is indeed cooling, NATURALLY!

Why would they want to block out the sun? Well, without sunlight, human beings will not produce sufficient Vitamin D which is essential for a healthy immune system, which once destroyed can be attacked by the very chemicals they are spraying the atmosphere with as well as the chemicals in your food and water, not to mention the vaccines!

The Daily Mail article is a blatant and utterly spurious attempt to lead people, who don’t think for themselves, to start speaking out about the damage caused by aircraft to the environment all in line with the whole farcical green agenda which is nothing less than a Communist manifesto with a depopulation eugenics ideology.

The only manmade climate change is actually happening when fanatics like Holdren and his maniacal colleagues get their way and have been doing this for a long time. In other words they are causing changes to the climate through the use of ‘chemtrails’, which as the title suggests are trails of CHEMICALS, which not only cause artificial clouds which do indeed block out the sun, but which also drop to the ground contaminating soil, ground water, agriculture and YOU!

These trails never happened 15 years ago, did they? So what’s changed? Has the jet fuel changed? No, it hasn’t so how come these trails are suddenly blocking out the sun when they were never there before?

I’ve got plenty of photographs and video of these trails where I live showing the planes that are spraying right next to ones which are indeed emitting ordinary contrails, which are nothing more than ice crystals, which dissipate behind the aircraft as it follows its flight path. Chemtrails on the other hand spread out and form a film over the sky which blocks out sunlight.

Look up now and again and you’ll see these, whether you’re on a flight path or not.

Don’t be conned into believing the nonsense coming from the Daily Mail or any other mainstream rag that tells you these trails are normal. They are far from normal and are detrimental, not only to the air quality or sunlight, but are also highly toxic to human beings.

If you think I’m making this up then you may be surprised that there is a weather weapons treaty in the UN from 1976 banning the use of so called ‘weather weapons’, such as HAARP, on political enemies. They’ve been using this stuff for a very long time folks.

However, there is nothing stating that such weapons cannot be used by governments on their native populations. That’s YOU!

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12 Comments for “Chemtrailing is Normal! Dr. Shine Clouds the Truth about the Sun with Pseudo Science”

  1. katefromfrance

    People don’t want to see this. So they don’t. You can show them the trails and the planes, send them articles, talk about the Welsbach patent, use in warfare of “weather modification” techniques, talk about Monsanto’s “aluminum resistant” seeds for which they bought the patent recently, no go.

    It’s not on TV. So it very simply does not exist. End of conversation.

  2. Pathocracy Paddy

    Well said Karen.
    No! The Eugenics-Media-Complex won’t mention this. Their prostitutes would be out of a job. They’re too busy reporting on World Cup football even though the ‘countries’ playing don’t even exist, thanks to the Lisbon Treason. Germany beat England today, so I’m told, and then there’s Glastonbury. Multitudes worshipping a pyramid, oblivious, under a totally chemtrailed sky, all fiddling while Rome burns…bread and circuses.
    It’s not the first time eugenicists lied about poisoned gas being a water spray.

  3. katefromfrance

    In fact Paddy, I’ve realised one must not even mention “Chemtrails” which evokes “conspiracy theory” but suavely evoke the decades-old phenomenon of “Geo-engineering” which seems to make more of an impression. The future of combatting Chemtrails lies in “Geo-engineering”.

  4. Pathocracy Paddy

    War is peace, freedom is slavery, Orwell should have added barking madness is sanity. Never mind, the own-eyeball-deniers will soon get their way. ‘Conspiracy theorists’ will be exterminated when the internet is sterilised by having it’s fallopian tubes clinically snipped. Then the Ministry of Truth will keep them all blissfully happy as they slide from Orwell’s 1984 into the Huxlian Brave New Age World Order.

  5. Dave_E

    See the picture of four of these planes doing a U-turn above Blaenau Ffestiniog in North Wales and at a low altitude.

  6. katefromfrance

    That’s wild Dave_E! I took pictures myself here in France of very much the same spectacle I saw on the horizon at sundown last Friday from my 3rd floor apartment up on a hill.

    Happy to be reading you again Paddy; No mistaking your style.

  7. R. Lawd

    I challenge these so called ‘scientists’, in particular Professor Keith Shine, to recreate their explanation of ice crystals suspending themselves in the “air for hours”, under laboratory conditions.
    If they can make lightning and tsunami in a lab, Im sure they will have no problem what so ever demonstration this phenomena on video.

    Oliver Tree (hmmm) has only wrote three articles for the evil Mail and there are no available pictures of this blagger. Just shows how confident they are in their BS when they can’t even put their real name to their work! lol

  8. I suspect what’s being said here is part truth and part fiction. The world ‘chemtrail’ is somewhat misleading because it implies what you look at when you see that long trail dissipating across the sky is a cloud of chemicals. It’s not. What you’re really looking at is an artificial cloud (water) CREATED by the particulates (chemicals) in the exhaust and NOT that the surrounding air has reached its saturation point. That bit in the article is disengenuous because if that were true then as the trail spread out across the sky it would disappear. The air would again drop below the saturation point and the cloud would return to water vapour (invisible). It doesn’t because the water droplets are formed around foreign particulates: salts of barium, aluminium, cadmium, etc.

  9. Pathocracy Paddy

    Those ‘normal’ loop-de-loops, what flight path are they on. Do Ryanair passengers not suspect something is not quite right.

  10. Martin

    For FCUK sake people.

    Wake up and smell / taste the chemicals.

    I cannot believe that the population is that stupid to NOT believe in spraying.
    How many natural “X” clouds do you know of and see occuring “naturally” !!!!.

    Was “Swine Flu” sprayed on us ???
    I never heard of it before and I have worked in medicine for 24 years before it arrived on my door step.
    Is this another experiment to check our tollerance levels to spraying ???.

    Call me what ever you want but I am not mad, they really are spraying us.

  11. Pegasus

    - “although the article doesn’t explain why this is such a new phenomenon or the fact that it only happens in NATO countries.” -

    It is not a new phenomena, there are plenty pictures from the 40′s till now showing persistant contrails. Newspaper articles go back to WW I.

    Last time I checked were Russia, China, Razachstan, Romenia et cetera not part of the NATO. Still there are plenty long white stripes in those skies.
    Really, what is the proof of these so called chemtrails?

  12. ade

    Proof is in the skies. Four four engined jets in close formation running a parallel track doing sharp U turns is not normal and nor are the lingering trails which dont disperse and expand for hours leaving a milky haze. People all over the world have obseved this and some have collected and tested samples.

    This appears to be a global scheme probably with the intent of enriching the usual culprits and genocide or enslavement for the rest of us. We need to become an organised and united in our opposition or we will quite probably be culled. Look at the global pattens of unusual and extreme weather and decreasing global food supply / harvests, I predict rising prices and shortages followed by civil unrest. Crops are being bioengineered to be tolerant to high levels of aluminium and seed banks have been created globally.

    A good site with lots and lots of info

    PROOF that our so called representatives are discussing solar radiation management (chemtrails)

    Geoengineering: Assessing the Implications of Large-Scale Climate Intervention
    Thursday, November 05, 2009

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