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Paying for Our Own Chains – The Shackles of Slavery are Upon Us!

By Neil Foster, 28th August 2010

According to the article below, Waterford Institute of Technology is to receive €15.8 million to help implement what they themselves call ‘pervasive’ technology integrated into a program call EU SOCIETIES.


Now, I don’t know about you but the ‘pervasive’ doesn’t sound very friendly to me and as I read the article I realised that it certainly wasn’t friendly and is actually nothing less than the implementation of full spectrum track and trace technology for every aspect of our lives.

Privacy in all its forms will be gone as our clothes, our cars and every product we buy, including our food I’m sure, will be tracked and traced to you the individual.

The companies supporting the scheme include Intel and those masters of track and trace who helped Hitler slaughter millions, IBM.
I’d highly recommend reading ‘IBM and The Holocaust’ by Edwin Black for those who may doubt IBM’s evil intentions.

WIT even has a ‘Pervasive Communications Service’. Again, the word ‘pervasive’ doesn’t sound like something anyone should want and I for one certainly don’t want anything ‘pervasive’ interfering in my life against my will.

Who gives the right to a private institution or corporation to impose invasive technology on us who will then pass the technology onto our government for big money, paid for by us, to have ourselves monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for the rest of our lives?

As Alan Watt of is constantly reminding us, we pay for our own chains.

It’s time we broke those chains and and used them to shackle our governments and these private corporate control freaks!

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