Our Partnership with Planeterra

Planeterra is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development and support of small communities around the globe.

Our Partnership:  Planeterra & STA Travel
STA Travel has embarked on a responsible travel journey. Our new partnership with Planeterra, a travelers’ foundation, is going to change the face of STA Travel. Your next trip with us will have a greater positive impact on the people, environment and places you visit.

Working with Planeterra, we are supporting worldwide community development projects through our new volunteer travel projects and through direct funding of important initiatives. STA Travel has committed $1 Million over five years to Planeterra to develop our new volunteer travel programs. In addition to this investment; we will be raising $120,000 for our Community Resource Center in tsunamiaffected Thailand! We will be building this center on Koh Phra Thong which will be accessible to communities throughout southern Thailand, providing a way to increase income and sustainable tourism in the area for the future. We believe we can reach our goal with contributions from staff and travelers alike.

STA Travel has committed to matching individual donations towards our project, up to $30,000 annually, dollar-for-dollar, to double the impact! When you call STA Travel to make a booking, ask us how to donate to our Thailand project and make a real difference!


What is Planeterra?
Planeterra evolved out of a history of travelers’ desire to give back on their trips. Everywhere travelers went they saw a need and knew they could help out. Since 2003, Planeterra has developed over 25 projects spanning Asia, Africa and the Americas. Now, with STA Travel as a partner, they are on their way to 80 projects!

Planeterra works with local partners to develop projects and direct donations to fund needs such as tools, materials and other items that keep projects going. They also develop volunteer programs so that people can visit a project, live on-site or with a local family, and contribute to the well-being of the community.

Planeterra focuses on initiatives for sustainability – positive impacts for the long term. They believe supporting education, health, conservation, and small business will enable people in the developing world to have a hand in improving their futures.

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