Japan Rail

Train passes for traveling around Japan!

Explore and save a lot of money by buying a Japan Rail pass from STA Travel!

Japan Rail passes start from $323 for 7 consecutive days in Second Class.

The Japan Rail pass is a discount ticket that allows unlimited rail travel throughout Japan over a 7, 14 or 21 consecutive day period.

A Japan Rail pass is available in Ordinary (2nd) or Green (1st) classes and you go almost anywhere along the 12,400 miles of track of Japan Railways!

This pass is perfect for student travelers who really want to explore the entire island nation.

You want to travel from north to south, east to west - really go all over the place.

That's the key to getting the best savings out of your Japan Rail pass.

Please note that there is no similar pass available within Japan.


  • The "Bullet Train" except for the Nozomi-type train
  • All JR Limited Express and Express trains to cities such as Kanazawa
  • Thousands of local trains both in cities and rural areas
  • Miyajima ferry near Hiroshima

Japan Rail passes start from $323 for 7 consecutive days in Second Class.

Check out all of your options for Japan Rail passes >>

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