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Technology update: updated versions of web browsers, with accompanying changes in Javascript and the Document Object Model, have caused a loss of functionality in some of the Game-O-Matic's modules.

Rather than continuing to chase after this fluctuating technology, I have decided to migrate the GOM to a new platform. The new incarnation of the GOM is called SMILE, and is available at this URL:

The GOM will remain here for those who want to continue using it. Please note, though, that I can no longer support it.

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Concentration Drag-and-Drop
Timed Matching Sentence Mix
CLOZE Multiple-Choice
"Storyboard" Vocabulary Drill

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What's New:

These programs were written by Dennie Hoopingarner of the Center for Language Education And Research (CLEAR) at Michigan State Univerisity. Please contact me at for more information.

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