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Best Drafting Chair

Quite frankly this drafting chair is a designer’s dream.

Ergonomics, quality and value in one package is often hard to find when it comes to buying a drafting chair. Usually we tend to get caught between 3 or 4 major options but none of them really have that deciding edge but this deluxe drafting chair is truly a mix of the best. It is without a doubt the creme de la creme and you need to find out why.

Ergonomic Drafting Chair Review

2nd Best Drafting Chair

budget drafting chair If you’re in a really tight budget this may be a good drafting chair for you.

If you’re looking for an average drafting chair that will just about take care of your utility needs then this just might be just what you’re looking for. Although, if you really want something comfortable, ergonomically gifted and dependable this just might not be your first choice. Read the review to find out more…

What to Look For:

What to Avoid:

Exceptional Ergonomics Considerably Cheaper Models
Great Comfort Poor Build Quality
Flexibility Lack of Armrests or Back Support
Value For Money