Ruff Tough Kennels 

“These are the most durable, compact and versatile dog boxes I have ever used” Wayne Pearson-Host Outdoor Channel Outfitters and Ultimate Outdoors 2009 

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The Story Behind Ruff Tough Kennels Dog Crates.

Born out of the love of Dogs... Dog Safety was our #1 Priority!

We love Dogs. Who doesn't? Wanting the best for "Mans Best Friend" along with being owners of a plastics manufacturing company (rotational molding), we had an idea for a dog crate that would fit better in the back seat of a car and be user friendly. By molding the body of the dog crate in one piece it would make the outside dimensions smaller and the dog crate stronger. We also thought that putting a door on each end (double door) would make the dog crate more user friendly and really handy for the back seat of a car. This really cool feature would allow access form either side of the car. Thus providing a dog crate to the industry that would take the place of two to three purchases of existing dog crates. We were hoping to ultimately save the dog crate user time, money, and worry free security for "mans best friend."

We accomplished our Goals and Ruff Tough Kennel Dog Crates were more than just an idea. 

Building a Durable, Cost-Effective Dog Crate was now our passion!

Then while we were at a trade show in Reno and ran into a good friend of ours, Bob Emick of E Cirlce E Hunting Lodge. Bob said,

"I know you are a plastic manufacturer and we need a better dog crate for our outfitting business that would be able to last more than a few hunts during the season."

So we told him the concept of a dog crate that we already had. He was enthused and said that would be perfect for his needs as an outfitter but he would only need one door on his dog crates.

Now the Passion to make the best, most durable dog crate was stronger than ever and our ideas were closer to reality.  The work had just begun and we decided to roll up or sleeves and work harder than ever before to make this dream of ours a reality!

So we, myself and my partner (that runs the production end of the business started brain storming on how we could make this dog crate more versatile, safe and last longer than anything on the market.

Items at the top of our list for this dog crate was to be user friendly while providing the toughest and safest dog crate in the market.

Our foremost design thoughts were always with dog safety being priority #1. We knew we could make a durable dog crate, but how could we make it safe for our and your dogs? Well, we came up with a patent pending way to do so and are proud of not only the durability, but the safety associated with Ruff tough Kennels Dog Crates.

As we talked to the industries leading guides, outfitters and dog trainers one thing that kept coming up was the number of dog crate (holes) that they would need. So we molded in a metal insert on the top corners of the dog crate. And we made a metal L shaped bracket that could be bolted to the dog crate coupling them together side to side. Now we wanted to attach the dog crate up and down too. So we put a dimple in the bottom corners of the dog crate that match up with the metal inserts on the top of the dog crate. By drilling that dimple with a ½” drill bit it allows the dog handler to stack the dog crate safely. Then we wanted to be able to attach tie down straps to the outside corners of the dog crate. So we made a metal bracket that can be bolted to the dog crate for strapping it into a vehicle safely. The Ruff Tough Kennel is now a Industry leading design for one of the toughest dog crates in the market. It was designed to meet, exceed and fulfill the requests of the most recognized professionals in the industry.

Many Industry Professionals have already stated this is the last brand of dog crate they will ever purchase.

One last thing that outfitters were asking for was to better utilize the space on the top of the dog crate. They were looking for solutions to storage issues (ie. dog supplies, shells, water and birds). We heard the outfitters "Loud and Clear", put our thinking caps on, and the end result was, a cutting edge design that provided a plastic tray that could either be bolted or just stack (lock) on the top of the dog crate.

We had finally done it...We were ready to share our one-of-a-kind design with the world, so...

We recently started showing the finished products to the industry leading guides, outfitters and dog trainers. Not only were they very excited and started using them right away but began to purchase them at a faster rate then ever expected. We truly feel as we have provided a kennel that has satisfied a tremendous void in the industry.


With other requests and the ability to customize features a double door dog carrier has been a real big hit too. Some of the other ways it is being used (other than the back seat of a car) is in the bed of a pickup, because the owner can look in the mirror and see what their dog(s) are doing. The double door dog kennel is also used in SUV’s and the dog can be let out the back or side door. Even the single door dog carriers are working great in the back of most SUV’s. Allowing four dog kennels to be placed in the back of the SUV easily.

These dog crates are so versatile that we rarely sell one dog crate, most people buy multiple units. As a manufacturer that says a lot about our product and we are very proud of this. It is not just a dog crate, it is a system that has filled the industry void. Our Kennel, Ruff Tough Kennel, has become the fastest growing most widely accepted toughest kennel in the industry.


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Dimensions 20"widex23"tallx31"deep   

Ruff Tough Kennels and Accessories

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Top 10 Reasons To Own a Ruff Tough Kennel

  1. Designed by Dog Trainers and Outfitters.

  2. Durable.

  3. Easier To Clean.

  4. Light Weight.

  5. Stackable.

  6. One Piece Construction.

  7. Can be tied down for safety.

  8. Double Door Unit-Great for backseat!

  9. Tray for Top

  10. Five Year Warranty