fall news
Posted on 12/10/2010, 13:22
hey everyone !!!
japan tour was unreal,we want to thank all of you who came to the shows - we had a blast!!!.

these days we are working hard on writing songs for the next Useless ID record to be recorded at the Blasting Room with Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore Jan/Feb' 2011 and to be released around summer time 2011
more updates soon !!!

please come back and visit the tour page -
soon we will be posting new tour dates for local israel shows and more Asian dates this December.

great day
more summer news
Posted on 15/08/2010, 19:25
hey everyone !!!
so, we just got back from our European tour which was awesome!!! we want to thank all the people who came to the shows and all the bands we played with.
we will be going out again to tour Japan starting September 3rd but not before we play some shows in israel !!!
please check the tour page for both local and Japan dates and we hope to see ya all at the shows!!!
summer Euro' tour !!!
Posted on 10/06/2010, 08:43
Hey there everyone !!!
we are going on a summer Euro' tour in July ,the tour dates are up on the tour page and we would love to see all of you come party with us at the shows!!!
right before we are taking off to Europe we will play one last local show at the Barby club in Tel Aviv on 24.6 so all of you Israeli dudes should come and rock it with us.
have a great summer
new tour dates !!!
Posted on 23/02/2010, 13:45
Hey everyone
please check the U.S./Canada tour dates on our tour dates page and hope to see ya all the shows !!!
Useless ID :)
that's right !
Posted on 04/02/2010, 16:58
hello everyone ,
in the last few months we have been very busy on our Israeli project with the singer Muki.
and yes its all in Hebrew :)
however that still didn't stop us from finding time to record and be a part of this great tribute album to this great band :
The Swingin' Utters!
please check this link below and get your copy today !!! :

Useless ID will be touring the U.S and Canada in March ,Dates will be up on the tour dates page and on our myspace page @ www.myspace.com/uselessid
come visit us and check it out !!!

in the mean time have a great weekend
Summer News!!!
Posted on 24/05/2009, 16:12
Hey there everyone
the summer is here and "The Lost Broken Bones" European Tour is at the door,dates with Me First And The Gimmie Gimmies and No Use For A Name are up along with headline shows,more dates to be announced soon.please check out the dates on the tour page and we hope to see ya all at the shows!!!
Happy New Year/No Use For A Name Israel tour
Posted on 21/01/2009, 12:17
Hey there everyone
U.I.D would like to wish you all a happy new year and we hope the this next year we will be going to all these places you guys want to see us live all over the planet.
Russia/Belarus/Sibiria tour was unreal and super cold but nothing better then a bottle of vodka on stage to worm you up,pics will be up loaded soon
please note that we are playing a special acoustic show this Friday (23.1) and 2 shows at barby tel aviv club next month with NO USE FOR A NAME !!! be there !!!
Russia/Belarus/Sibiria tour coming!!!
Posted on 25/10/2008, 10:42
to all of you dudes who live up north at the cold land of Russia :
we will be going on this freezing tour next month,the dates are up on the tour page so please check them out and come to the shows ,it will be cold and much more colder without you all,so,
see ya there !!!
Thanks !!!
Posted on 25/10/2008, 10:37
hey there,
i want to thank every single one of you who came to the new album release show,thanks for making it such a great night for us,we had a blast !
ill upload some pics from the show soon.
also thanks to everyone who moshed and party hard with us the day before on "beresheet" festival at the pre- new record release show ,i know it was dusty as hell there ,you guys rock!!!
new album release show !!!
Posted on 25/10/2008, 10:32
so the day after we landed from the japan/china tour we opend for "shabak samech" at hangar 11 in Tel Aviv and even though we where jet lagged ,we still had a great time so thanks to "shabak" for inviting us to play their new album release show.
our very own new record "The Lost Broken Bones" release show will be happening on October 18th at the barbie club in Tel Aviv with very special guests so...BE THERE.
Posted on 25/10/2008, 10:24
hey there everyone!
so we just got back from tour in Japan and China(for the first time) and i have to say that japan was just as awesome as the every other time,so thanks to all of you who came to the shows and made it fun for us again,
China was insane so much different then anywhere else we ever been to,if you don't have a strong stomach and have a hard time with hearing people spit and peep very laud every 2 seconds -don't go there,the shows where great and the food was awesome,ill upload some pics from both tours very soon so please come visit and check it out
good day
Useless ID
Everything new-s
Posted on 16/09/2008, 10:55
Hey there everyone!
so its been a few months that the Useless ID site wasn't updated and was off the air for a while, as we had to re-do it + had to move to a new address (.net).
but all of this is history now !!!
we have a new site and for a reason - the new
Useless ID record !!!"The Lost Broken Bones" coming out on the October 21st,we uploaded the first single & video here for all of you and some new bio and promo photos .
beside that, new tour dates for Japan and China upcoming tours are up on the tour section,we will make sure to post some fun stories from the road ,so don't forget to come visit here .
have a great day .
winter update-recording the new album
Posted on 19/02/2008, 17:18
hello everyone,
the winter is here! not only in Israel but in fort Collins Colorado too, as we r here recording(hmmm...more like finishing) the last bits of the new Useless ID record,we started recording on mid jan' and now we r at the point where we have one more day of mixing finishes and mastering in the beginning of the next month ,we r very happy of how it came out ,much thanks to the blasting room crew that did know how to work out our lame Israeli asses and take the most out of it !
the record should be out world wide around spring/summer 08,more updates and photos from the studio coming soon
stay tuned
the new album
Posted on 19/02/2008, 17:07
good news to us all :
the new Useless ID record will be recorded at the blasting room studios in fort Collins Colorado ON JAN'-FEB' 08 and should be released around fall/summer 08 ,more updates soon,
summer/fall update+the new record
Posted on 19/02/2008, 17:02
hello all of you :)
its been a crazy summer for us playing tones of shows and local Israel festivals and ended with best times on touring with NOFX in Israel on their Israeli tour here in September not much time to update this site during these months then right after that the holidays came by and we had some local shows that ended in the end of October when we took a brake from playing live shows to finish writing for the next record,and since then we have been writing and finishing it ,as the album is planed to be recorded somtime in the begining of the next year,stay tuned for more updates soon,UID.

spring update
Posted on 06/05/2007, 10:30
Hey there dear friends!!! we have finished our demos for the next record and very happy with how it came out,the real record will be recorded in the next few months and the record should be out a bit after that,we will keep updating all of you about it soon!!
please check out the photos page for new photos from the boombamela fest and also the tour page for our upcoming shows in isarel
see ya all there !!!
2007 update
Posted on 24/02/2007, 11:45
hey there dear friends
first of all i want to thank all of you who came to the shows on our israeli mini tour with man alive .it was awesome to see all of you dudes again and we had lots of fun at the shows as well as playing with man alive again after more then a year.
beside that we have started on recording a pre production demos for our new record ,its going well and we hope to finish it by the begining of next month.we hope to have the record out by spring/summer 2007.
please check out the tour page for our up coming shows ,and have a great weekend !
A Russia tour and local shows with BETZEFER next month and new photos posted !
Posted on 26/11/2006, 17:36
hey there dear friends,
please check out the tour page for our up coming shows and Russia tour and the photos page for some new pics from beresheet and beshekel festivals!
UK Tour 10/2006!
Posted on 10/10/2006, 20:59
Useless ID is heading for another tour in the UK starting tomorrow at London! We're going to play 12 shows all over the place, so don't forget to check out our Tour dates, come see us live and we'll see you in the pit!

What else? Our DVD is now available everywhere in Israel, and it has to be the best deal you can find for Useless ID videos, live shows and random cuts, get your own today!
DVD release shows and the new album
Posted on 13/09/2006, 15:01
Hello again, as you might already know, we just finished our long awaited DVD and we're going to celebrate with two shows taking place on Saturday the 23rd in Tel Aviv and Sunday the 24th in Haifa - We will sell the DVD and a ticket at a special price, and if you're only looking for an entrance ticket, well, tough luck. check out our tour dates for extra information.
We're also currently writing a new album which is due some time in the future. We'll play a song or two off it in the DVD release shows, don't miss it!
Beer City and mid-summer Israeli tour!
Posted on 10/07/2006, 15:42
We have 4 different local shows booked this summer - first we'll be performing in BEER CITY (Ir Ha Bira) on the 20th of August with our good friends BETZEFER! also playing would be the almighty Genders, Parvarim Refugeez, Cuban B and Beer7 - their first show in years.

Afterwards we have a short nationwide tour with 3 shows in 3 nights [flyer], taking place in Haifa, Jerusalem and ultimately Tel Aviv. We will share the stage with tons of friends and we'd love to see you in each and every one of these shows. Brutal Assault will release their upcoming CD in the Tel Aviv show, check them out!
We need your help!!
Posted on 30/06/2006, 13:18
Hey Guys, Useless ID needs your help!
About a week ago, we've been interviewed to Yediot Aharonot, Israel's biggest daily newspaper, regarding what was due to be our upcoming daily show, 'Exit Revolution'. Unfortunatelly, the author made a lot of effort to make us look like idiots and our bosses at the TV network took it seriously and suspended our show for the time being.
However, there is a Petition (Click here!) online - if many of you sign it, they might let us have our show back! We need you guys now more than ever - signing this would help us represent the punk rock scene and bring up important issues in mainstream media.
Thanks in advance, Useless ID.
Exit, MTV, what the fuck?
Posted on 27/05/2006, 14:28
Here is a summer update

We Will start hosting EXIT on channel 3 around early July throughout the summer until after the holidays. Stay tuned - this is going to be a Punk Rock TV show. Even the show's name might change a bit.

MTV will show a feature about us - they shot it while we were playing the boombamela festival and are going to broadcast it on 10pm, THIS sunday (June 4th). This is probably on relevant to MTV Europe, but you should give it a shot anyways. Reruns would be broactasted on 9PM//Monday, 6PM//Wednesday, and 12pm Friday.

The next Useless ID show would take place in the barby on June 23rd, that'll be the first show of the summer vacation. We will post additional tourdates soon. Stay tuned!

Have a great week, Useless ID.
Upcoming shows this month & more
Posted on 06/02/2006, 12:06
* check out our upcoming shows for this month, haifa on the 10th and jerusalem on the 17th - be there !!!
* our new video for "state of fear" will be ready in about a week.
* the useless id dvd will be ready in about 2 weeks and will be out around spring time,we hope...
Upcoming shows for january
Posted on 08/01/2006, 21:27
check out our upcoming shows in Israel - we're playing a compensation show next wednesday at the Patiphone (oldschool!), for those of you who were disappointed by the fact that we played most of our set at the barby with burned out amplification. Also, we're playing a show in which our good friends and family WHOREXCORE will release their debut album, Protection.
Be there.
Israeli Music Awards!
Posted on 05/01/2006, 13:52
Thats's right Useless ID have been nominated for "Best Band" and "Best Song" of 2005 by the Israeli Music Channel (Channel 24) - It would be really cool if all you Israelis go to their website through This Link and vote for us!
Website changes
Posted on 11/11/2005, 16:06
You might've noticed some changes in the news items. This is the first of many changes to come, most of which will be in the website's layout.

Stay tuned for more!
Hey there
Posted on 11/11/2005, 16:06
Gutzy says we should be more involved in the website, so we'll try posting news every now and then.

I guess Gutzy thought that making a space invader shoot-off in which you get to shoot US instead of space aliens would be a cool thing to do.
Fortunatelly for him, we thought the same, so here it is - the useless ID space invaders game. USELESS INVADERS.
Europe summer 2005, part 2
We just got back from a second europe tour!
Gutzy and Ishay put up a journal with all our adventures so you can know what was going on there, so don't wait and check it out now!

Europe spring-summer 2005
Read daily updates from Ishay and see how they were doing!

Australian Tour Diary
Pretty much the same as the Japanese diary, only that this time the band has gone through a lot of funny tragedies that makes this a rather interesting read.

Japanese Tour Diary
Read about our Japanese tour - a daily tour journal from our very own Ishay, written during our tour.
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MAY 19th, 2005: REDPEMPTION downloads
1. Kiss me, Kill me [MP3]
2. Pink Stars & Magazines [MP3]
3. Deny It [MP3]
4. Suffer for the Fame [MP3]

Additional downloads are available through our MYSPACE page.

JULY 15th, 2005: Videos
Blood Pressure
Our new video from The Lost Broken Bones!
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Turn Up the Stereo
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MAY 19th, 2005: Videos
At Least I Tried
Video from "No vacation..", with some killer live gigs!
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Bring Me Down
Another hit from "No vacation.."!
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The Worst Holiday I've Ever Had
This video is fucking hilarious.
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