Adiss, Cane

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    4.8 meters long (stands at 2.4 meters in height)

From the Expanded Universe

Cane Adiss always knew that the stars would be his life. His parental collective berated him for keeping his heads turned toward the skies rather than to the mundane world around him.

When he came of age, he got his chance to leave when the trader Kal'falnl C'ndros visited Yuvern, in the Oplovis sector. Most light freighters are too cramped for Yuvernians, but C'ndros' ship had been modified for the tall Quor'sav. He became a solid pilot under C'ndros's tutelage, and visited dozens of worlds before they parted ways on Tatooine.

Adiss soon felt the call of the stars again, but this time wanted to chart his own destiny. However, ships are expensive; ones big enough for a Yuvernian doubly so. Adiss turned to Jabba the Hutt, claiming he'd "traveled to every uncharted planet in the galaxy" to get in Jabba's good graces. Amused by the boast, Jabba agreed to loan him the money if he would work for him; Adiss signed on, but was dismayed to find his first job was to his own homeworld.

He was even more dismayed when he arrived. The entire Imperial Oplovis sector fleet was in-system, and before he could flee, he was ordered to receive inspectors or be destroyed. He had no choice but to comply, allowing the Imperials aboard. Before they could get far, however, a Rebel battle line arrived and engaged the fleet. Overwhelmed, the fleet withdrew; the officer aboard Adiss's ship ordered him to meet the fleet at Harrod's Planet.

Fortunately, the distraction kept the inspectors from finding the hidden cargo of spice. Adiss returned them without incident, agreeing to keep an eye out for further Rebel activity before leaving and finishing his job.

Adiss continued working for Jabba; his love for adventure was met by the dangers his job required. He was just returning from a run (using Jabba's private elevator, the only one big enough for him) when Leia, as Boushh, attempted to get into Jabba's good graces by delivering Chewbacca; he stuck around for the events that followed, and was aboard Jabba's sail barge when it was destroyed. Whether or not he was among the few that escaped is unknown.

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