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  1. The screeching, expletive-laden karaoke version heard late Friday arguably beat original, but still... #delilah
  2. @mattyglesias interesting that based on what we know so far, system at least began working (comm college demand for eval, poss. army too).
  3. @pittmanwear miami-JFK with Sarah post Turks and Caicos
  4. 1010Wins just went from Giffords update to "We dodged a bullet" re NYC snowstorm. #seguefail
  5. Both were polite in interaction. First class is at least a third black on this flight fwiw.
  6. Flight attendant asks young, well-dressed black man putting luggage in 1st class overhead if he's sitting there. He is. #everydayracism
  7. Post-flight, Twitter useful for catching up on Giffords horror, dotted w mundane crap from those who don't check feed before tweeting.
  8. A Turks Islander named Euwonka has demanded @misstucker and I "do it up like divas." Who are we to resist?
  9. @samgf Can't recall off the top of my head but worth a try! Maybe even on an e-reader but it's a long shot.
  10. RT @harrislynn: My pretty definitive guide to spotting repro coercion, feat. @heathercorinna tnx
  11. @samgf and it's just plain a good read.
  12. @samgf read piglia's artificial respiration if you can get your hands on it. written in code during dictatorship. wrote my thesis on it.
  13. And now I'm going back to my vacation.
  14. "heartbroken heroine of a Jane Austen novel" is, to say least, overwrought. regret was of loss of privacy to partners.
  15. Sorry to ruin Caitlin Flanagan's kicker, but Karen Owen didn't say she regretted everything/sex w the guys. Regretted making, sending list.
  16. Eating raisin bran for the first time in years and seriously disturbed by the sugar-encrusted raisins.
  17. @yahelc so glad to hear it. though maybe your show was less confrontational than the one he saw?
  18. @fancynancynyc no, must netflix