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Archived Poll | September 12, 2008

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No Clear Leader in Presidential Contest This Week; Candidates at Parity in Handling Economy

New York, NY - After the completion of its first full week of daily polling, the Diageo/Hotline Daily Tracker finds the race for the Presidency to be in a dead-heat, with neither candidate enjoying a clear advantage over the other. The race has remained steady over the week, with neither candidate taking more than a two-point lead.

In today's Poll, McCain-Palin is at 44% and Obama-Biden at 45% with 10% of voters undecided.

General Election Ballot: McCain vs. Obama*

Chart: General Election Ballot: McCain vs. Obama

The Poll has shown the most movement in voters' perceptions of the candidates' abilities to handle key issues. While Obama once enjoyed a clear advantage over McCain on most issues, with the exception of national security, the GOP presidential candidate has been able to gradually close the gap on key issues, especially the economy, where the candidates are at parity.

Who would do best job handling healthcare?*

Chart: Who would do best job handling healthcare?

Who would do best job handling the economy?*

Chart: Who would do best job handling the economy?

Who would do best job handling national security?*

Chart: Who would do best job handling national security?

Who would do best job managing energy policies?*

Chart: Who would do best job managing energy policies?

In terms of reported enthusiasm over their candidates, Democrats are largely more inclined to say they are "enthusiastically supporting" their candidate. That said, GOP voters as well as Independents are climbing up in their reported level of enthusiasm for their candidates, thus closing the "enthusiasm gap".

Enthusiastically Support Candidate*

Chart: Enthusiastically Support Candidate

McCain continues to beat Obama in perceptions of his preparedness to lead, while Obama continues to dominate on his perceived ability to better understand "the needs and priorities of people like yourself."

Preparedness to Lead*

Chart: Preparedness to Lead

Understands Your Needs and Priorities*

Chart: Understands Your Needs and Priorities

* data presented in charts based on rolling 3-day average of 900+ interviews concluded the previous day.

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