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  1. Jersey Shore: What Makes Sammi Suck?
  2. I, in fact, did NOT love David's Bridal. They sell camo-print garters.
  3. Kerry Lauerman's "explanation" of Broadsheet's demise didn't really explain anything.
  4. are you reeling from the soldiers' sexiness? i was. @susanorlean
  5. @AmandaK i'm on it. creepy.
  6. Did you know that Snooki's book has a date rape scene in it?
  7. @cindyrodeo homeless horses are just too lazy to get jobs.
  8. Omg and they all dance to Samantha foxx together
  9. I know Restrepo is supposed to be all serious but there's so much soldier sexiness going on in it
  10. Paula Abdul Is Totally Sober, Except For In All Of These Clips
  11. "A woman says her boyfriend, who lives out of a car, injured her, and she wants her gun back." - cable description of Monday's Judge Judy
  12. The Year In Mariah Carey
  13. @CourtneyLoveUK but i honestly do believe that boring sex with an ancient man should yield some kind of monetary reward, ala anna nicole
  14. @CourtneyLoveUK i wasn't slut-shaming with that holly madison piece. i'm a proud slut. it was mainly just to make fun of hef and baby oil.
  15. @Jillzarin better quality version of RHNYC promo:
  16. now that i'm home, today could be the day that i finally go to the bathroom
  17. i was psyched to finally be back in my apartment until i realized that my heat is broken...AGAIN
  18. Happy crimbus