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  1. The night Ella Fitzgerald was arrested: a sad story about integration and jazz
  2. Friday night! Better put on my Pajama Jeans!
  3. Hungry cat is hungry
  4. a two-year-old in a Madonna cone bra is not right
  5. @villarrealy hi, do you know if there is video of Oprah's talk?
  6. @OwlOfDerision It's like hypnosis!
  7. this may be my fave thing in the world right now: And Now, Watch A Small Dog Rotating As Smooth Jazz Plays
  8. so… is winter over yet?
  9. side-by-side pix of Hugh Hefner and his fiancée in 2003: He was 77, she was 16
  10. the Starbucks Siren: so powerful.
  11. Emma Stone's dog !
  12. What the angle of your ponytail says about you (highly scientific! and by scientific I mean silly)
  13. the other bad news is my motherboard is fucked
  14. ok so the bad news is I didn't get the dimpled genius
  15. "she went in for RAM and walked out with a soulmate"
  16. what if it's the start of something wonderful?
  17. at the apple store waiting on a genus. please please let me get the super cute genius with dimples!
  18. this week in tabloids: Ryan Reynolds changes Sandra Bullock's baby's diapers and Angelia is one of those wino moms
  19. Photoshop of horrors: In Touch amputates the arm of Heidi Klum's daughter
  20. @tina7252 I did write that. Thanks!