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Collection - The Shrapnel Years Album Cover

Session Notes: Collection - The Shrapnel Years

Released: 2006

This collection of songs represent a musically fun period for me, and the musicians that were associated with its development had much to do with that. When listening to this CD, one can imagine the hard work and practice it must have taken to create these pieces. However, after the final chord was played and the last mix was mastered, the reasons we undertook this task became clear.

As a composer, it is such a joy to hear something you have worked so hard at building come to life in the hands of very talented and qualified musicians like Billy Sheehan and Steve Smith. The Edge Of Insanity period, for example, was particularly unique for me because it was the first record I made after meeting Mike Varney of Shrapnel Records Inc. Mike put the wheels in motion for these songs to be recorded and soon thereafter we were making the record with Billy and Steve in Northern California at Prairie Sun Studios. This was the first CD of many, in a body of work that has allowed me the opportunity to record with Jens Johansson, Deen Castronovo, Tony Franklin and so many others. It was a huge move for me back in those days, relocating from the East Coast to the West. At the time it seemed so logical, well thought out and planned and of course if it were not, this collection would have never had the chance to become a reality. Sometimes it's perfectly acceptable to take a calculated risk and when listening to these songs I hope you are able to visualize the incredible energy that was alive and abounding during those early days.

Today, I continue to make California my home and strive, as I always have, to be a complete musician. Often it means finding myself in some creative environments that are not mine to control, but here in this volume are many essays of music literature that were ours to control…Please enjoy!

Tony MacAlpine
January 2006


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