AKONT     (click highlighted portions to download supporting documents)

This group of companies is based in Prague and deals with offshore and domestic company incorporations. The Akont Group of companies in Prague is owned by Akont Holdings & Capital Limited based in London at 788-790 Finchley RoadDirector of record for Akont Holdings & Capital in London is Rachel Amy Erickson who replaced John Robert Montague Stuart Wortley Hunt as company Director.
The contact page of the Akont.CZ web site lists Jaromir Pospisil ( same last name as Jiri Pospisil a minister of the Government in the Czech Republic)*
The current website extract for Mossack Fonseca where Mr. John Robert Stuart Montague Wortley Hunt is listed as a tax and offshore adviser also reflects the same contact number as that listed for Akont on their website. ( see page 2Akont.CZ ( The domain name) is listed as registered to Graphity s.r.o., this company is owned by WPB Finance NV.
Akont shares the same email server as Mossfon.cz and the WPB group of companies including the Office House Company. Mossfon.cz domain is registered to Zancom LLC , a Florida based corporate entity, with its business address as that of the home of Mark Hankins Esq in Tampa Bay Florida. Zancom LLC is registered with two shareholders, Hawick International and Shearings Company Limited, both of Belize.
Akont.sk web extract still lists the parent holding company in London on its website.

*We do not know at this time if there is a connection between these individuals or this is just a coincidence.  

Ceska drazebni s.r.o.    (click highlighted portions to download supporting documents)

A Czech auctioneer who acted in a professional capacity as liquidator in an auction of assets of Autocentrum s.r.o. The successful bidder was Sarter Enterprises LLC a New Jersey USA corporation. The member of record for this company is Rachel Amy Erickson whose signature is certified in London by Solicitor Peter Joseph of Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP and counter signed by Shirley Mwanje of Corporate Secretaries Limited for a power of attorney issued in favor of a Czech attorney.  Ms. Erickson stated verbally she had not signed these documents during two phone conversations. Mr. Ian Taylor, ( GT Group) whom Ms. Erickson  described as her ex-partner,  has stated in writing as  Ms. Erickson's representative that, she had no knowledge of the company Sarter Enterprises LLC and further that she had not signed any documents for the company. Mr. Korinek the principle of Ceska Drazebni s.r.o. has worked with the same group on a number of occasions, one such example is Musgrove Associates Limited, also registered to the office of Lawford House, which is the office  of Mr. Mark , Mr. Fosberry and Ms. Mwanje. This example reflects the legal representation of Musgrove Associates Limited by Jiri Holas, an attorney who has numerous documented ties as representative for the WPB Group of Companies.

Cobus Group Limited     Marx, David 

(click highlighted portions to download supporting documents)

A company incorporater and registered agent located at Lawford House in London. This company is run by David Marx, Shirley Mwanje and Timothy Fosberry. Until November 2010 Mr. Fosberry was the registrant of Cobus.net, the domain name for the company web site. Shirley Mwanje is also a representative of Corporate Secretaries Limited. Mr. Fosberry and Mr. Marx are also listed as past and present directors of corporate secretaries limited. Mr. Peter Joseph of Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP stated in writing documents signed for Sarter Enterprises by Ms. Rachel Amy Erickson, that he had certified to be her signature had been passed to him by the Cobus Group Limited. The Cobus Group Limited lists Messers Fosberry and Marx as directors appointed on October 6th 2010 in replace of Corporate Directors Limited where they were both also listed as the directors of record.


Corporate Secretaries Limited    Mwanje, Shirley  

(click highlighted portions to download supporting documents)

A professional corporate secretary service based in London and represented by Ms. Shirley & Aphrodite Mwanje, David Marx and Timothy Fosberry. Located at Lawford House in London , Ms. Mwanje countersigns numerous documents as corporate secretary for multiple corporations. Most noticeably for Offshore directorships held by Mr. Geoffrey Taylor, Mr. Ian Taylor, Ms. Patricia Lustra Taylor, Ms. Rachel Amy Erickson, Mr. Mathew Charles Stokes, Ms. Lousia Anestha Henry, Ms. Nesita Manceau, Ms. Paulette Omel Archibald and Mr. James Anselm.
Documents reflect the signatures of these parties as being signed in London . Each of these documents is either witnessed or certified by Mr. Peter Joseph of Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP. We have statements from a number of these and other directors, who have stated verbally and in writing, that they were not in London for the signing of these documents and/or did not actually sign documents at all.

Erickson, Rachel Amy       Sarter Enterprises LLC

(click highlighted portions to download supporting documents)

Ms. Erickson is a professional nominee director, listed as a corporate officer on over 200 companies. On July 21st, 2010 in a filing in New Jersey she is listed as the managing member of Sarter Enterprises LLC. She has informed us in two separate phone conversations that took place on October 9th and and October 11th that she had never heard of the company or signed documents on behalf of that company. She further stated during those phone conversations that she does not sign documents misrepresenting her physical location pursuant to her own attorney's advice.The documents filed against our company in the Czech republic are signed under the statement "In New Jersey". The Documents certified by Mr. Peter Joseph of Gregory Abrams and Davidson LLP are signed under the statement "In London". 


Timothy Fosberry       Westend Solutions Limited   

(click highlighted portions to download supporting documents)

Mr. Fosberry is listed as director and/or employee of a number of companies; e.g. Corporate Secretaries Limited , Cobus Group Limited and most notebly Westend Solutions Limited. Westend Solutions Limited is a British based company that sued our company in the Czech Republic. Mr. Fosberry signed a power of attorney (witnessed by Peter Joseph) in favor of Jakub Kraus who inturn provided Ms. Ales Minarik (attorney) with a power of attorney to represent the matter in the Czech courts. The claim in the suit was that Westend Solutions Limited had purchased an outstanding debt due by my company in Prague from the Office House company ( Office House s.r.o.). The debt was incurred while the Office House s.r.o. acted as a mail forwarding service that was cancelled in 2007. The claim filed in the Czech courts was supported by a letter mailed in 2007 stating the mail forwarding service was cancelled by the Office House company for non payment. Evidence by Westend Solutions attorneys to support this claim was provided in the form of copies of letters of cancellation sent my mail (all addressed incorrectly).  The debt at the time of cancellation was for some US$200. The original contract provided that in the event the mailing address for the company is not amended on public records, a penalty payment per day of some US$30 is due until such time as changes are affected. The suit therefore amounted to some US$35,000.00 . Because there was no accurate mailing address on file, I was precluded from defending this action and a default judgement was entered into. 

Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP           
Peter Joseph        Oliver Joseph

(click highlighted portions to download supporting documents)

This is a Liverpool based law firm that merged and expanded into London in November of 2009 by taking over RJR Law at Pearl House, 746 Finchley Road, in London. Mr. Peter Joseph and Mr. Oliver Joseph were members of the Law practice RJR.  As such Messrs Oliver and Peter Joseph became partners in Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP. Mr. Peter Joseph has acted for many years as a Wittness and/or certified the signatures of numerous overseas directors.These documents are further counter signed by Shirley Mwanje of Corporate Secretaries Limited. Example 1 (Counter signed Aphrodite Mwanje for corporate secreatries, Mr. Anselm, cosigned by WPB Group of Companies August 2010). Example 2 (A company incorporated in Florida by Mark Hankins, Showing Mr. Hankins home address as the primary business address.), Example 3  (witnessed by peter Joseph as in his presence for Ms.Nesita Manceau, who according to OFCANZ is currently laying low somewhere in the Philippines!), Example 4 (Certified by Peter Joseph as signed in London On July 18th 2010 by Ms. Erickson and Mr. Anselm, Example 5, (certified By Peter Joseph as "signed in London" on August 24th 2010, for the sale of the same company as example #4 in a joint venture between US property Management represented by James Anselm and the WPB Group
Ms. Minarik notarizes Mr. Pavel Peterovik's signature.)This company was sold to Granity Management which is a Georia State, USA incorporation that is now registered to Mr. Hlavacek's  Miami Beach Mailing address. A number of these parties who have been certified and or witness'ed as being in London signing documents, have stated they neither signed the documents or have never visited London. In challenging Mr. Joseph and the law practice over this issue, we received  letters from Carter-Ruck and Legal Risk LLP, both British solicitors acting for Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP . In an email Mr. Joseph has stated he has known Ms.Rachel Amy Erickson personally and  in the case of Sarter Enterprises LLC  documents were passed to him by the Cobus Group Limited. Mr. Oliver Joseph has acted in certifying signatures in the same manner and one such certification he performed (as a member of the firm RJR Law) for a nominee director who has stated in writting she withdrew her name from use a number of years prior, this signature is also counter signed by Ms. Shirley Mwanje of Corporate Secretaries Limited. Example 1 (This company , Sky Invest Technologies Ltd.( UK) owns SIT Prague; Sit Prague s.r.o.) 

This document reflects Braxton Investments (a WPB Group company based in the Czech Republic) selling an incorporated company to MGI EMEA Investments LLC based in Florida. Mr. Peter Joseph is the witness for the nominee director of record for MGI EMEA LLC (whilst at his previous law practice RJR Law). In this document Mr. Joseph witness's the document as being signed in his presence in London and countersigned by Ms. Shirley Mwanje for Corporate Secretaries Limited.Ms. Henry the nominee has stated she has never in fact visited the UK. The incorporation agent in Florida,United States of America is also an attorney  (who lists the actual business address of the company as that of his home address). Mr. Hankins also stated he had worked with Dusan Tvrdy (see page 21) formally of the Akont group of companies and now of the WPB Group of companies. We then received an email from Mr. Hankins after he stated during a phone conversation, that "I checked out, in my claims", the content of which we  considered to be a serious and veiled threat to our physical wellbeing. 

In a letter dated November 11th 2010 from attorneys representing Westend Solutions Limited  in Prague( signed by Frantisek Povolny of the office of Petr Vorisek) , Mr. Joseph, The GT Group and Cobus Group are specifically referred to as "their clients partners".

Jukl, Jan       Polovny, Frantisek         Vorisek, Petr

(click highlighted portions to download supporting documents)

Mr. Jukl is listed in the Czech Bar registry as employed by the office of Petr Vorisek. Mr. Jukl with Mr. Frantisek Povolny represented Westend Solutons Limited as second team attorneys. They first contacted us on October 12th in writing after default judgement was entered in the court against my company, in this letter they state they have negotiated with Sarter Enterprises and it should not concern me further. My Czech attorneys received this initial letter and simultaneously a Mr. Alex Hlavaceka Miami based incorporation agent forwarded a translated copy directly to me via email. Subsequently, Mr. Jukl attended meetings with Mr. Ivan Pecl at my Czech attorneys office where they sought to negotiate a settlement in the case against my Czech company. A number of written correspondences were made between these attorneys and my American attorney,  a number of statements were made by these attorneys in writing, most noticeably that their client was a partner with the GT Group, The Cobus Group and Mr. Peter Joseph. In other letters they also state that they negotiated with Sarter Enterprises LLC to withdraw its suit against my property holdings in the Czech Republic. 
We further note there is a Judr Petr Vorisek who is listed as the head of the legal department for the ministry of the interior in the Czech Republic. We do not however know if there is any connections with Judr petr Vorisek of the Prague based law firm or if this is just another coincidence.

Alex Hlavacek

Mr. Hlavacek has claimed in several phone conversations and emails he is a considerable expert in Tax optimization and off shore maneuvers ! At other times he claims to make little more than a few hundred dollars a week as a simple company incorporator.
He was the incorporation agent of record for the company Interblue Group, quoted in newspapers as the incorporation agent of record for the sale of emissions in Slovakia in 2009.
Mr. Hlavacek maintain numerous address's, some, he claims as the registered office of companies and others as the primary place of business and in most cases, companies are listed as registered by him or an associate agent employed/contracted by him and doing business at any one of a number of address he also maintains.
Mr. Hlavacek lists such companies ( a few examples) as D B Asset Management , Western Consultants, Aki Okamura , Talk800 , Baye Properties, Greendale capital, Territorial Investments LLC and Keyran as doing business at one of his address's of record.
In the State of Oregon Mr. Hlavacek has incorporated over 100 companies, 75 of which list the managing member of record as Tomas Pelikan through his membership of Western Consultants LLC. In each case the mailing address for these companies is that of Mr. Hlavacek's Californian residence, which he has verbally claimed is that of his mothers domicile.
We cannot at this time find any such business transactions within these jurisdictions except that of  the purchase of luxury condominiums purchased for cash , located at 900 Biscayne Blvd in Miami Florida in February 2010.


Kraus, Jacub    Minarik,Ales   

(click highlighted portions to download supporting documents)

Mr. kraus is listed on various documents for the WPB Group of companies , one such document reflects him as the compliance officer of WPB Finance in 2008 . Westend Solutions Limited provided Mr. Kraus with a power of attorney to act on the companies behalf. This power of attorney was executed by Mr. Timothy Fosberry as director of Westend Solutions Limited ( witnessed by Peter Joseph). Mr. Kraus and Ms. Minarik frequently countersigns documents in a notarial capacity for the WPB Group of Companies. Example 1( in this example dated 26th July 2010 Ms. Minarik is used to cerify the signature of director Mr. Pavel Petrovik for the company WPB Holding &  Finance NV when giving a power of attorney to Judr Jiri Holas.)  Example 2,(in this example Ms. Minarik is certifying the signature of Judr Jiri Holas in documents dated September 30 2010 which are also signed by Thomas Svoboda of the WPB Group in a transaction involving G.B. Invest a.s.)  Example 3,(in this document Mr. Kraus counter signs/notarizes a document for WPB consulting a.s.Example 4 (Ms. Minarik notarizes Judr Jiri Holas in acting for the Office House company ) Mr. Kraus provided Ms. Minarik with a power of attorney to  act on behalf of Westend Solutions Limited and represent matters in court against my company in Prague.  In court filings the attorneys represented a need for urgency  as they had noted from the property records that I was seeking a mortgage for my property. (AT THAT TIME NO SUCH RECORDING HAD TAKEN PLACE) At the time of filing suit against my company in the Czech Republic, unknown to us, confidential mailings were being sent to the company address of record by Hypotecni Banka in conjunction with our mortgage application. The address that still showed on corporate documents for our company was that of the Office House Company a subsidiary of the WPB Group of companies.

Office House s.r.o
WPB Holding & Finance NV  
WPB Holding & Finance Limited
Petrovik, Pavel

(click highlighted portions to download supporting documents)

The Office House company is an incorporation agent based in Prague with additional offices in Slovakia. They provide company incorporation services, mail forwarding services and act as a registered agent. In 2006 we used their services to incorporate a Czech company and act as a registered agent/mailing address for our company. In 2007 they state they cancelled the forwarding service after an invoice went unpaid by us. They subsequently stated they sold the debt and contract to Westend Solutions Limited. The contract provided for severe penalties if the corporate address wasn't amended on public records. When they sold the debt to Westend Solutions Limited they sold and/or transfered the rights to collect the accruing penalties.  A matter we were unaware of and believed that instructions by us to move the registered address of the company had been forwarded to that of our Czech property.
The Office House has over the years transfered its ownership to various holding companies but largely kept the same key management management. Their  website of the parent company WPB Holding and Finance NV lists continuous management by the same individuals.
The web site of the WPB Group links to the website of that of AKONT ( the domain name of 'Akont.CZ' is currently registered to Graphity s.r.o. which is  a WPB Holding & Finance NV owned company. Mr. Pavel Petrovik is listed as a shareholder of WPB Holding & Finance along with WPB Finance Limited which he is also listed as a director and shareholder of. His signature is frequently verified by Ms. Ales Minarik. Mr. Jacub Kraus has appeared in numerous documents for the WPB Group of companies. 
Other Share holders include two American companies,  US Property Management and Management Holding Company. Ms. Nesita Manceau is listed as the director of record in Czech filings for Management Holding Company. Mr. James Anselm is listed as the director of US Property Management in filings for the WPB Group.  (The latest filing for US Property Management on November 5th 2010 reflects the principle place of business as 4 Titoki Street, Nelson NZ)

Mr. Pavel Petrovik is listed in the 2009 year end report by auditors of the WPB Group as a 20.3% Share holder. In addition he is listed as a shareholder in WPB Finance & Holding ( UK) Ltd. who is also listed as a 20.3% shareholder of the company.
Mr. Pavel Petrovik was previously asked questions by the Police about the Akont Companies where he was listed as the former managing director, in an international investigation involving nominee directors who were neither where they were claimed to be or indeed had actually signed documents.

Pelikan Tomas

In the Czech Corporate Registry Mr. Pelikan ( Date of Birth 14th December 1971) is listed as 66% owner/ representative of Terrinvest s.r.o. (IC 23428390).  The remaining 34% is registered to Greendale Capital LLC an Iowa USA Corporation.
Greendale Capital LLC is also owned/represented by Tomas Pelikan, however the registered agent is listed as Edward Bruck in Iowa the actual office address listed as the primary business address is that of one of Mr. ALex Hlavacek's personal address's (3129 Quimby Street , San Diego CA).

Mr. Pelikan is also listed in the Florida corporate register as a managing member of Territorial Investments LLC ( Ref L10000082525) along with  Svetlana Visnevska of Marsa Gatve 10-11 Riga, LV-1082 Latvia. The principle office address and registered agents address are both maintianed by Alex Hlavacek.

D B Asset Management is listed at Mr. Hlavaceks San Diego Mailing address as the primary place of business by a Ms. Laura Gavard.  Western Consultants LLC  is listed at the First manager of record for D B Asset Manager ( Reg # 428296-97) which is also registered to Mr. Hlavaceks San Diego address.

Western Consultants LLC is the managing member of AKI Okamura LLC which is registered as the benificial owner of Slovakian companies Euroinkaso a.s. and AAA Bratislava s.r.o. Western Consultants LLC is managed by Mr. Tomas Pelikan which in term is the managing member of some 75 Corporate entities listed in the Oregon State corporate register alone.

On the website for Teritorial Investment Group they list one of their Member companies as TERRITORIAL INVESTMENTS LLC  located at 2710 Thomes Avenue Cheyenne, WY 82001 USA. This is the same address ( managing agent) used  by the WPB Group for their Shareholder listed as US Property Management Inc.

Taylor, Ian         Taylor, Geoffrey         GT Group      

 (click highlighted portions to download supporting documents)

Mr Taylor is the principal of the GT Group, a company incorporation agent based in Venuata and New Zealand. Mr. Taylor runs this company from Australia and also acts as a Nominee Director. His company was previously registered to a nominee director by the name of Ms. Nesita Manceau who was the director of record for Vicam ( New Zealand) Limited. Ms. Manceau was also the director of record for a company called SP Trading which was contracted by a British client  of the GT Group and the company they incorporated  was used to ship arms from North Korea in December of 2009. 
Ms. Rachel Amy Erickson stated she was Mr. Taylors ex-partner during phone conversations in October of 2010.
Mr. Ian Taylor's father was the founder of the GT Group and also holds a number of directorships.

Was owned for Three Years ( 2005-2008) by  Prestex Investments Limited,(UK) represented by Geoffrey Taylor  D.O.B. March 9th 1943 passport number  705417512  
Mr. G. Taylor sells/Transfers his interest in SZ-Praha Spol s.r.o. to Klauber Business Limited Registered Agent Cobus Group in London, Corporate Secretary Shirly Mwanje of Corporate Secretaries Limited. Subsequently Klauber Business Limited sells 20% of its holding in SZ-Praha spol s.r.o.  to Martin Matiasko.  In The Sale documents a power of attorney signed by Mr. Geoffrey Taylor in favor of Judr. Milan Miler, is witness by Peter Joseph British Solicitor on May 2nd 2006 (as being in his presence) .
Klauber Business Limited is represented by Ms. Nesita Manceau D.O.B.  July 25th 1960  Passport number V006594 in this transaction the document is  Witnessed by British Solicitor Peter Joseph  for Ms. Nesita Manceau  on May 14th 2008 as being in Mr. Josephs presence  with Shirley  Mwanje for corporate secretaries Limited.

Vostarek & Partners

Ladislav Vostarek
Jana Svehlova

A law firm based in Prague and  started in 1990, they boast on its website International cooperation in Germany, France and Spain.

In our particular case we were recommended to these lawyers by Roman Inochovsky an honorary Czech Consul based in Orland Florida.

We instructed them to act on behalf of our Czech company in August of 2010. On October 12th 2010 they informed us by email that they had been contacted by the law firm of Petr Vorisek ( attorneys Jukl & Povolny). These lawyers informed our attorneys that they had recently achieved a default judgement against our company in favor of Westend Solutions Limited.

Our Attorneys advised us that in view of the fact we had not defended the case, even though we had received any notification of the suit,  that the issue of default judgement had become a forgone conclusion, which was entered they informed us on September 29th 2010. Further, that we had a limited amount of time to appeal but in essence it was futile as the only defense could be a procedural issue. They claimed it would in effect only delay the inevitable.

Braxton Invest s.r.o.
This company is jointly owned by WPB Holding & Finance NV and Gateway Investments Inc. of Wyoming USA. Gateway Investments Inc. is represented by Mathew Charles Stokes as director, who is witnessed by Peter Joseph Solicitor on numerous documents. Jiri Holas a Czech attorney is frequently provided  with power of attorney's to act on behalf of this company and jointly with WPB Holding & Finance NV. Signatures for Mr. Pavel Petrovik who is listed as a beneficial owner of WPB Holding & Finance and WPB Holdings Limited (see page 47 of Audit report 2009 for WPB Holding & Finance NV) are frequently notarized by attorney Ms. Ales Minarik.

Corral a.s.
Listed in the Czech corporate registry as a financial service company owned by a Gibralter based entity called Hodgson Limited this company lists the following active board members; Daniel Renaldo Hastings, Jeffers Verana Louisa Anestha Henry and Paulette Omel Archibald. Documents have been witnessed by Peter Joseph Solicitor in London and counter signed by Ms. Shirley Mwanje of Corporate Secretaries Limited.  

DeLe Praha spol s.r.o.
Registered in the Czech corporate register as a company involved in property holdings and management. The current recorded owner of record is Fine Prospects LLC incorporated in Florida USA by Alex Hlavacek.The director of Fine Prospects LLC is Louisa Anestha Henry of Nevis. The business mailing address of the company is that of Mr. Hlavacek's mail box. Ms. Henry signature is certified by Peter Jospeh of Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP and counter signed by Ms. Shirley Mwanje of Corporate Secretaries Limited. The certification of Ms. Henry's signature was to provide a power of attorney to Mr. Jiri Holas and his signature is certified by Ms. Ales Minarek. The Beneficial owners of Fine Prospects LLC are HBI Holdings of the Bahamas and Hawick International of BelizeBoth Ms. Ales Minarik and Jiri Holas have numerous ties to the WPB Group of companies and frequently act in professional capacities on their behalf.

EA Dexo Systems Inc.
This is a Florida corporation originally incorporated by Alex Hlavacek with Mr. Ian Taylor as the director. The primary business address is that of Mr. Hlavacek's mail box in Miami BeachThe original Incorporation requirements were for Apsotille certification for use in the Czech Republic. The company was refiled on December 7th 2010 with a new apostille certificate required for use in Switzerland with Mr. Taylor as director and listing the beneficial owner listed as that of Velvet Investment Limited based in the Republic of Seychelles. 

Fincom Trade a.s.
Transacting business in the Czech Republic this company lists Ms. Nesita Manceau as director of recordwith documents signed by her and witnessed by Peter Joseph Solicitor and counter signed by Ms. Shirley Mwanje of Corporate Secretaries Limited. Ms. Nesita Manceau is under investigation and facing charges byOFCANZ for an indident in December 2009 where a highly publicized arms shipment was stopped in Thailand en route from North Korea. She is further listed as the director of Vicam New Zealand the parent company at the time for the GT Group.

HBI Holdings and Harwick International & Shearings Company Limited

These companies are frequently listed in corporate documents as the owners/shareholder of companies where we see listings of directorships by Ms. Nesita Mancea, Ms. Henry, Ms. Archibald amongst others.
Harwick International is frequently listed on company incorporations in the United States of America. On December 28th 2004 Hawick purchased Stoperra Holdings in Luxembourg. The initial manager member is listed as Czech Attorney Michael Bartoncik of Brno CZ. On September 28th 2005 the managing member was changed to another Czech Attorney, Judr Karel Volf located on Jindrich Plachty in Prague. In an article published by ipoint.cz on their web site dated April 18th 2007, they list Stopera as the 98.13% share holder of Czech company Solodoor s.r.o.  (IC 25209779)

Itben LLC
Itben LLC is a company incorporated in 2003 by Mark Hankins of Florida Incorporators Inc. listing Mr. Ian Taylor as managing member. Beneficial owners are listed as Hawick International and Linda Trade Limited. The company lapsed in its corporate filings and became inactive in 2005. On November 24th 2010Mr. Hlavacek's assistant Karina Rocha filed a reinstatement for the company with the State of Florida, listing, his 6538 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach Florida 33141  mailing address as the primary place of business.

Klauber Business Limited

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