I was the Turkey all along.

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Somedays Lovin’ Printed Lace-up Back Tee – Vintage Cut-offs – Zoe Wittner Ursula Wedge – Vintage Satchel – Floppy Straw HatCristiana Bracelets

I wanted to share what I’m wearing for the festive season… no insane London Snow for me! But, to start with, I feel stupid posting photos where I look generally contrived and bored (sorry – no crazy faces today :D ), but Katie (who lent her expert photography hand here) captured some super awesome lighting which I thoroughly enjoyed. So here are something somethings from our adventure today (our sleepover has somehow become extended over about 5 days…).

For visiting busking friends, Boost Juice and discussing meaningless dilemmas (e.g. the fact that babies’ eyes take up half their heads…) – the perfectly eye-popping print marbled print of this pretty piece of Somedays Lovin’. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it. Conclusion: perfect to live in over Summer, and hope I don’t get an interesting zig-zag tan on my back.

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And you must appreciate the awesomeness of the back (200m on in a shady lane…)

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A friend asked why I insisted on always having holes on the back of my tops and dresses. Don’t doubt the awesome.



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