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Niger: famine on the horizon?
Poor harvests and empty grain stores have returned to Niger. The threat of famine looms once again. In a break with the policy of the former regime, the new military junta is appealing for international aid. Our reporters take a closer look at this impending catastrophe.
By Eric JOSSET / Melissa BELL

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Incredible,it is

Incredible,it is incredible.
Something like this report make me sad , and people, politican should open their own eyes to see what`s going on in the world.
Social injustice is going to be bigger than ever before.And of crouse the people like this are at the first place.These people are taking concenquenz for sinner of the others.

i fill very bity for the

i fill very bity for the young chuldren,i wish i can help.

Report on Niger

Thanks, guys, Artie Alfreds, from the U.S.

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