485 Verbal SAT score of presidential candidate Bill Bradley, a Rhodes scholar and magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University

566 Verbal score of George W. Bush, a C student at Yale University

5.1% Percentage of rural teens who have used amphetamines

2.5% Percentage of urban teens who have used amphetamines

83% Increased likelihood that a rural teen has used crack cocaine as compared with an urban teen

6,000 Jobs cut worldwide last week by new Coca-Cola CEO Douglas Daft

6,000 Increase in Coca-Cola's global work force over the past decade

3,400 New York City welfare recipients who have been placed in jobs by the city's Business Link program

15 Welfare recipients hired by the Psychic Network before referrals ended last week

Sources: Slate, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, AP, New York Times

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LEE MYUNG-BAK, President of South Korea, releases a televised statement after navy commandos rescued all 21 crew members of a cargo ship which had been seized by pirates
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