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Confined Space Training Services

This mobile confined space simulator allows employees to receive hands on training with all of the equipment commonly used in a confined space entry without having to travel.

Confined Space TrainingThe enclosed trailer has a guard railed deck on top with a manhole installed in the roof which allows employees to be lowered into and work in the “confined space”. The inside of the trailer is broadcast via a closed circuit camera to a television on the outside of the trailer for people to watch. OSHA requires that employees receive training in the ability to recognize and avoid hazards associated with confined spaces.

With the confined space simulator your employees are not only trained to comply with OSHA but also trained in how to use all of the equipment. We have the ability to train all industrial facilities, Union construction companies, fire departments, refineries and municipalities.

  • Hands on training, with your workers, to practice in a safe confined space before entering your actual areas.
    Instructors are fire fighters who also work as Safety Directors offering many years of experience.
  • Training covers 1910.146 for general industry and 1926 construction.
  • The 4 hour class uses the equipment as demonstrations for students and explains the purpose of each item. Basic OSHA requirements are covered.
  • The 8 & 12 hour classes allows students to use the equipment themselves. Each participant has the ability to enter, monitor and supervise an entry. OSHA standards are explained in detail.
  • The 16 hour class covers the OSHA regulations in detail along with all of the typical equipment used in a typical entry. Rescue operations are explained and demonstrated with students. Hands on participation is required. Scenarios are practiced and discussed in detail.
  • The 24 hour class meets NFPA standards of confined space rescue. Rescue is explained in detail covering: entry, retrieval, patient packaging, monitoring and other techniques. Hands on participation is required. Scenarios are practiced and discussed in detail.
  • Each student receives a certificate of completion along with a wallet card for all training.

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