Gamer Girlfriend: Sweet Deal or Return to Store?

May 16th, 2010 at 1:27 pm · 23 Comments

There is a myth that’s been around for quite a while now that says not only do girls not play video games, they don’t exist on the internet at all.  I myself am a 30-year-old fat guy that lives in his parent’s basement whose been cloaking his own voice to sound feminine on the Pink show (sorry Dave), so I don’t help much with either of these arguments.  But for those of you who have found those rare gamer girls and claimed them as your own, have you considered lucky to find a rare item or wishing you could trade her in for a (lamer) model?

There are several arguments out there on whether or not dating a gamer chick is a good thing for male gamers.  I’m here to present you some of the disputes and let you come to your own conclusion on the matter…. after I finish this bucket of KFC chicken… Alright, we’re good.

(1) Time management skills might need an upgrade +1
We all know we didn’t pay attention to our parents when they were trying to teach us good manners like sharing.  Who has time for that when you’re on the last level of Battletoads and you’ve been ignoring your little brother’s begging for the last four hours?  Well, not listening to the grown-ups may come back to haunt you, because with a gamer girlfriend you’ll be placed in the situation of having to wait for your turn to play.

Whether it is a particular game or the system itself, dating a gamer girl requires agreements to be made on who gets to play at what time for how long.  Because you want to get some, you’ll bend more to the female’s wishes, which may hurt you in the long run when you start missing out on gamernights with the boys or you find out the ending to a game she beat before you.

On the other hand, non-gamer girlfriends also can take your time away from gaming.  Does the terms “nerd,” “immature” and “grow-up” ring a bell?  These are the usual words non-gamers use when you choose to play Call of Duty Spec Ops with your homeboy online over watching a sappy made-for-TV movie with them on the couch.  Sharing materialistic things might not be a problem here, but the constant nagging might.

(2) New Message: You’ve been invited to a gamer argument
If you’re a casual gamer, this might not be much of a problem. But when you actually can discern what makes a good game and you’re in the know on the industry, arguments might spring up every now and then with your gamer honey.  This is a toss-up: you’ll either like the challenge and you’ll be happy you can have a geeky conversation, or you’ll want to put on your Triton headphones to try to block out any sound your girl’s making.

If the game discussions lead to actual fights, I hope what follows is make-up sex.  Otherwise, prepare yourself for some lonely nights (but as a gamer you should be used to that, right?).

(3) To win or not to win… When did this become a question?
A man’s ego is bad, but a woman’s can always be worse.  Gamer girlfriends bring an interesting feature to the table: they might actually be better than you at something you love.  If you’re fearful of getting your cojones taken away when a female beats you at a game and she rubs it in your face, a gamer chick might not be a good fit.  Female gamers call themselves gamers for a reason; they actually know what they’re doing when they pick up the controller.  Gamer girls do come with a warning: Your ego may get bruised – suck it up.

Flip the script; you might actually be better than your girlfriend at something other than who can burp the loudest.  She may take the loss with grace and acknowledge your skills… or you’ll end up with your hand as a late night companion again (you two are well-acquainted).  You can always lose on purpose too, that’s always fun. In this predicament, you’re stuck between PWNING her ass or being sweet and pleasing her self-esteem – but hey, she might please you later.

(4) Minimal effort FTW!
It’s a well-known fact that guys get tired of trying to find creative stuff to do to entertain their ladies.  Men are lazy – In fact, men are accepting this claim right now because they’re too lazy to argue.  But there’s some small hope out there for you bums if you find yourself dating a gamer chick.  Fun fact: she’s easily entertained.  She won’t mind staying at home on the weekend to co-op with you in Left 4 Dead 2 if you’ve already taken her to the bowling alley 3 times that week.  Gamer guys and gals usually have one thing in common: a love and tolerance for staring at the screen for long periods of time.

You’re seriously not bored yet? Well, if you want to keep reading, click on page 2 for numbers #5 – #8. Yeah, I was this bored.


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    • Sego says:

      I love gamer girls. play with them alot. Way better than playing with those hardcore gamer guys.

    • Corgon67 says:

      Nice article! Ever think of doing a post of how to get your girlfriend into gaming?

    • Dave says:

      Trust me, its easier to find a girl gamer than it is to convert one.

      Nice article babe, so glad that I have a girlfriend that games. I’m kind of afraid of you now though.

    • CasualTerror says:

      I dated a gamer chick a while back. She ended up leaving me for a guy she met while playing L4D.

    • Cloud says:

      The pride thing is dead on, i actually got my ex to play tekken and for what, just another way to bump heads.

    • 8bitBass says:

      gamer girls FTW, makes for a smoother marriage if your wife understands or even embraces your love of video games

    • philcaps says:

      Well it ain’t always sunny in the I’m dating a gamer chick world…

      I did… At first i felt blessed when she asked me if i wanted to play some 360, despite my attenpt to hide my interrest for it (youknow, the :¨ yeah, i play sometimes¨ kinda lie we always pull).

      At first it was fun, tried a few shooter but Miss liked playing virtual tennis and kart games… so off to the store, bought a tennis game and that Sega Karting disabeties-inducing-sugar-coated non sense of a racing game.

      Then tings got complicated… oh we had fun together, won the tennis cup in double … 2 times… unlocked every banana or ice cream cone shaped cars in in the sega color-extravanganza.

      So here’s my list:
      -Deadspace : unfinished, too dark and scary
      -Bioshock 2, spinler cell conviction, just cause 2: see above…

      Everytime i tought i had some time to headshot someone quielty, i got the : ¨oh, your playing xbox ?, can we race some poney-shaped motorcycle around a giant frenkin rainbow for the next 3 hours?¨ deadly question.

      Girls will be girls, and i’d take a well dressed well-educated virtual tennis enthousiast over a swearing crouch-grabbing tomboy who tea-bags 13 years old in MW2, but I need my shooters.

      It was like dating a girls that’s very into porn, but only like old-school soft-core with very hairy bushes… is that a good thing? It wouldn’t even be fun if she likes the same nasty things as I do… That’s my ME time alright !

      My advice to you guys : if you plan on dating a gaming chick, go for the FarmVille addict.. she can sit next to you while you play anything, just nod politely and make a nice comment on her pear trees or something…

      Now i have to go horse-jack (wow that doesn’t sound like carjack) my way out of the next 40-hours Rockstar marathon…

      Sorry for the grammar, not my first language.
      txs for the read

      • Esmeralda says:

        Thank you so much for sharing your gamer girlfriend experience! I loved reading your comment :) You just proved it all depends on the type of gamer girl you hook up with then. I for one will try out anything as long as I’m given time to get used to the mechanics of the game (From shooters to platformers to button-smashers). I will say games like virtual tennis are fun, but only for one match or two. After that, I get bored and ask to play something like Resident Evil 5 or Uncharted 2. The cutesy games are okay, but I prefer real titles :-P

        It sucks your girl didn’t like Deadspace and Just Cause 2, I personally sucked at them both but liked them very much. That “girls will be girls” statement you put in there doesn’t fit everyone, remember that ;) Just listen to the Pink show to see more examples of what I mean (self-promotion FTW).

        Hmm, Farmville and porn… That’s a mix that will make Facebook even more famous. Well anyway, thanks for reading and providing your view on the whole thing!

    • 8bitBass says:

      yeah I have been helping my girl gamer with getting all of the large coins in super mario wii. which I find difficult and tedious, but we have fun.

      (Like your farmville idea) The key is to have two different TV’s. This weekend I used my projector for XBL while she used the TV. oh and 2 swtichboxes so I can use any platform on either TV/Projector at any time.

      • philcaps says:

        Mario’s freakin hard, and it’s fun, we did play throughout mario 3 -no whistle, 8 worlds- on the original nes the other day… nerdy, oldschool AND fun.

        I think the fact is, what girls mostly want is spend some WE time while they are with you, wathever you’re doing. It’s not the bowling or the museum or the videogame choices, it’s the closure time that matters most. 2 tv feels kinda sketchy that way, cuz she won’t get that doing something together feeling.

        Fact is, most girls that ¨get¨ into videogames after a few weeks with you probably started doing it so they could spend a little more time with you, like you did when you started watching that girly TV show she likes (and of course for the hot chicks in the said show).

        I’m sure that many girls are really into videogames from the start-up, grew up with it and didn’t let go from the first kirby or pokemon or I don’t know what game hooked you up.

        The other ones, the ones that started with you and you both tried to find what games you both liked, those girls are keeper.

        They just wanna be with you, so suit-up, take her to a nice restaurant and talk about what SHE’S really into, because her passion is probably not sitting in front of a screen.

        Mine is, f*ck yeah….

        • Esmeralda says:

          Hmmm… Again, it depends on the type of girl. If your girlfriend starts gaming once you two start dating, then she is doing it simply to spend more time with you. Whether or not that works out can depend on how soon she gets tired of trying out your interest (if she does get tired anyway, she might end up liking it and sticking to it). At least she’s willing to try out something new for you, that is a good trait.
          If your woman grew up gaming and has stayed dedicated to it, then 8bit’s scenario works out really well. I don’t see anything wrong with having two TV’s and enjoying two separate things if you’re next to each other to have casual conversations every now and then.

    • Definitely return to store. Zing! Weeeeee!

    • Yoshifett says:

      You rule Esmeralda! More lulz!

    • Paradigm13 says:

      I feel like I’ve got the best of both worlds. My girlfriend isn’t exactly a casual gamer, but she only gets into a few games a year. Last year it was Dragon Age, Civ 4 (still is and will be until Civ 5 …), and Assassin’s Creed. This year it’s Final Fantasy XIII and Alan Wake so far. The good thing is that these are all experiential games that we can sit on the couch and play together. Civ 5 and DA:O are PC games, and I have the gaming PC in the same room as the console setups, so we can still be together while we game, even if we’re playing separate games. The great thing about the situation is that while she may not be as into games as I am, she understands and accepts that I’m enthusiastic about it and if I’ve got a couple free hours, I’ll probably be knee-deep in some FPS goodness. And that’s okay. :)

    • jaxboxchick says:

      I don’t understand what’s wrong with being over 30, fat, slobby, liking chicken, and playing video games…

    • Miranda says:

      As a gamer chick I really appreciated this article. Now I just need a guy who can stand to have their ass beat and I’m set.

    • jerome says:

      i have a gamer girlfriend and im really lucky to have her. we both play the same fps game and me and her make the best 2 person team! we usually never go against each other, but if we do, i can beat her, but if were on the same team, she does better than me XP.

      of course no matter where we are or what were doing, i still treat her like a princess. its what makes the relationship worthwhile :)

    • SkyBlueRPG says:

      lol there are always some pros and cons about having girls who would play with you. My personal experience is though they typically do not end up well…then again I am too hardcore that i would leave everything behind to play games…

      Guys and gals do have different expectation after all!

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