An old fan rendering of what a new PSP could potentially look like. Most current reports indicate that the system will not have a sliding design.

Nikkei has some preliminary details on Sony's next generation PlayStation Portable system.

According to the paper, the new system will have 3G support. In Japan, the 3G service will be provided by NTT DoCoMo.

Using the 3G connection, gamers will be able to play online games and download software and movies. The service will not allow for phone calls.

The system will also have standard wireless LAN, of course. However, the 3G support will allow players to connect online wherever DoCoMo has wireless service. DoCoMo is Japan's largest mobile carrier.

Separate from the wireless functionality, the paper reports that the new PSP will make use of an OLED touch screen which will be larger than normal. Regarding the system's internals, the paper reports that Sony has developed a new processor for handling high resolution visuals.

Pricing on the next generation PSP is currently TBA, according to the paper. The paper does not mention possible subscription fees associated with the 3G service, or the possibility of a Wi-Fi only model.

The paper also makes brief mention of the device that many are calling "Playstation Phone," a smart phone that includes game features. This will have button-based controls, the paper reports, making games control easier. The device will use Google's Android operating system and will allow users to access non-game software like video and scheduling software.

Sony is expected to take the veil off the new PSP system at a press conference on the 27th. The PlayStation cell phone device is expected to be unveiled next month.






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  • Beast.

  • I'm glad they have managed to keep the final design a secret for this long

  • I don't want 3G if i must pay a second subsrcription, i already have 1 for my phone :(

  • It sounds more and more like the PSP2 is Sony's take on the tablet market. I hope it can do more than just games with that 3G.

  • OLED? Hrm, doesn't that imply that the front screen will be touch and not that odd rear-facing touchpad as rumored? OLEDS are sexy n' slim. This should be a fun reveal.

  • HiroProtagonist: I always thought the touchpad on the back was in addition to a standard touch screen, not instead of.

  • The 3G support is incredible news for Japan. It saddens me that in the states we'll likely have to pay for the service. Although E-Readers are currently being sold with always on 3G without a subscription, data usage on those devices is minimal. I can't afford another 3G bill on top of AT&T;'s already inflated phone data plan :( I'll stay optimistic until more is announced.

  • AdhocParty support!

  • If it doesn't look exactly like that fan made mockup image (with just a few changes to control placement), I'm going to be disappointed.

  • I'm more interested in the launch titles. I really hope Sony has a lineup of original games at launch and not just a bunch of PS3 ports.

  • Very interesting! 27th can't come soon enough. :)

  • Has OLED brightness lifespan improved already? I hope Sony delivers.

    It's boring to have a clear cut winner amongst the competition.

  • Free 3G?

    ...Well. Kindle has free who knows.

  • I doubt it will be free if they're planning on doing anything really robust with it.

    We'll find out in a few days.

  • Price of the system and games. Waiting for the 27th.

  • @anoop:

    Figured you might wanna see this:

    Fan mockup, but that's *most likely* what the final product will look like, or at least strongly resemble, based on leaked photos.

    If anything, it's at least close. X3

  • 3G and OLED. . . now i'm worried about the price.

  • @anoop
    seeing that design makes me think about pspGO. it's much similar. . .

  • I'm hoping that it's something that can make the controls disappear -- a sliding design. This way, you can just use the touch screen for some things, making it into a mini tablet.

    Which could allow Sony to charge more I'd guess...

  • Really, I can't wait for Sony to officially unveil it and tell us about the specifics. Everyone says it's powerful.

  • I've heard speculation that the touch panel on the back will be used to access the L2, R2, L3 and R3 inputs on PS2 ports. Not really sure how they could do all 4, but L2 and R2 certainly sounds reasonable.

    I have a feeling the 3G is going to be subsidized by publishers. There was an old leak last year, which actually seems to fit what has come out of Nikkei today, suggesting that distribution will be online and DVDs. The DVDs available at retailers would be installed via PC, PS3 or at an installation kiosk at the retailers. The way to get to the subsidy would be both versions being priced the same. That way, there would be a substantial amount of the download price which could cover the 3G costs.

  • Ooh... that's an interesting idea, rather than bulking up the thing with additional shoulder buttons.

  • The event starts at 15:00, in case anyone was wondering.

    Nikkei Trendy will be live blogging.

  • @jonnyram: That kind of setup is gonna make playing FPS games an epic bitch, or even downright impossible...