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Atlas Tales News
 April 17, 2010
Site Updates
Even though there hasn't been many indexing updates lately, I have been hard at work on some behind the scenes work.

First, eBay's API began returning strange results. Upon debugging those problems, I discovered they were changing the API in June, so I had to rewrite the eBay code to use the new one.

Second, my hosting company updated the database software. The new version did not support some of the AtlasTales queries and did not produce an error. So I had to go through and update a lot of the 5 year old code that just quit working.

Third, I am redesigning AtlasTales again. There are a few limitations of the database design that have come to light as the project has moved forward. The new design will address those and add some other features that I think will make the site better. Also, I think it is time for a fresh look.

Fourth, I want a mobile version of the site - but that won't be possible until the new database is ready. Possibly some mobile apps as well - I've already written a couple of apps for the iPhone and find it very intriguing.

Thanks for your continued support!
 November 17, 2009
There were many hours logged this weekend fixing a few under the hood problems that crept in over time. One bug was found that had been radically slowing down the site since 2006 - discovered and squashed. Hopefully everyone will notice the increased speed of page loading.
 April 6, 2009
Lack of Indexing Updates
There has been a lack of updates lately. I have several new projects and they all require me to learn new stuff to complete them. So, my time has been stretched to the max. I have finally turned the corner on several of them and am ready to get back to Atlas Tales and catch back up on what needs to be done. I will reveal the new projects soon! Thanks,
 September 22, 2008
Issues Not Indexed List
Was finally able to put together the Issues Not Indexed List. It is rather large ...still... but at least it small enough to be manageable. I'll concentrate on knocking out as many as I can - as fast as I can.
 August 10, 2008
New Features.
A GCD style quick search has been added to the home page. There have been a few requests for this and it makes it easier to go directly to a title that you want to see (a problem for quite a while). Also, added a partial list of cover scans that need to be replaced - this will continue to grow (and then hopefully shrink) as more scans are identified.
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