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The Commons is seeking pioneers who are interested in leading their own chaordically oriented projects and sharing their learning with other pioneers as a Commons.

Becoming an Owning Member is an excellent way to connect with others and simultaneously tap into and grow the value of the Commons for all.

Join the Chaordic Commons at

Membership enables you to join people world-wide pioneering new ways to organize that liberate the human spirit, advance deeply shared purposes, foster the common good, and nourish all life

The Chaordic Commons facilitates connection and collaboration among members.  Also we facilitate access to a considerable and continuously evolving body of knowledge about chaordic organizations and organizing.  From leveraging how others have discovered and expressed deep common purposes and essential principles of right relationship your intentions and projects can be realized more quickly and easily.

Member projects
 are exploring:

  • New forms of governance
  • Innovative models of business
  • Emerging concepts of citizenship
  • New models for ownership, investment, and philanthropy
  • New approaches to public-private partnerships and multi-stakeholder alliances
  • Dynamic approaches to collaboration
  • New forms of leadership
  • Generative models of organizational learning and change
  • New, more global architectures of relationship in every field

The Commons serves all members through the self-organizing activity of Owning Members linked by their commitment to common purpose and shared principles. Delighting in diversity, the Commons is open to all who subscribe to its purpose and principles in conducting activities of the Commons

Join and share your own experiences, hope and dreams at


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Books we like is a Chaordic venture operated by Owning Member, Brad deGraf and the Media Venture Collective.

A proportion of any purchase you make from the Chaordic section of Bookswelike is contributed back to Chaordic Commons funds. You are still able to choose your normal book supplier, i.e. Amazon, Abe etc. at the most competitive price.

Our bookshop features many reviews and recommended reading suggested by Chaordic commons Owning Members.


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