Save Your Smartphone's Battery with Dark Wallpapers and Themes

There's been a lot of talk recently about whether phones with AMOLED screens, like the Samsung Galaxy S, can actually save battery by using darker wallpapers and themes. Reader Steve performed a few tests to find out if this was actually true. More »

sharkZapper Controls Grooveshark from Chrome's Navigation Bar

Chrome: Music streaming services like Grooveshark are awesome, but having to control your music through a browser tab is annoying, and can intrude on your work. Simple extension sharkZapper lets you control Grooveshark right from Chrome's navigation bar. More »

How to Foil a Nationwide Internet Shutdown

The Egyptian government cut internet connections across their country to silence protests, leaving nearly all of its citizens without online access. But they weren't entirely successful. When governments shut down broadband and mobile connections, here's what to do. More »

How Egypt Turned Off the Internet

Yesterday, something unprecedented happened: Egypt turned off the internet. A nation of 80,000,000 instantly disconnected. So how'd they do it? [Gizmodo]

IRS2Go Tracks Your Tax Return from Your Phone

iOS/Android: The IRS's official mobile app, IRS2Go, tracks your return once you've submitted it to the IRS and offers tax tips to help you out before you've filed. More »

The 10 Real Life Lessons Of Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is not just a video game. It is an educational experience, full of zen wisdom. [Jezebel]

Should I Go Back to School?

Dear Lifehacker,
I have a job, but I wouldn't call it a career, and it's not what I'd really like to do with my life. Should I stick it out until the job market improves, or should I head back to school? More »

Why Comfort Is a Productivity Killer

Comfort is one of those words we all like and one of those things we tend to strive for on a regular basis, but it also may be the thing that's killing your productivity. Here's why. More »

How Do You Get the Most Out of Your (Extended) Warranty?

Sometimes it's worth buying the extended warranty and it's definitely worth using the regular warranty you get for free. Companies often find ways to avoid paying for repairs, however, so how do ensure you get the most out of warranty? More »

Roll a Powerful Media HTPC for Less Than $500

The web is rich with streaming video, and there's no reason you should limit yourself to enjoying it all on smaller screens. Here's how to roll your own home theater PC and consolidate your media center components to one small, sleek box. More »

Find Time for Your Personal Life and Get a Handle on Your Out-of-Control Work Schedule

If you feel like you're working long and grueling hours with no personal time, you're not alone. Carve out vital personal time and continue climbing the ladder with these tips from career management professional Penelope Trunk. More »

We're All Smiles in This Week's Open Thread

Been a long week? Take a load off and practice your relaxation muscles in this week's open thread. More »

Increase Your Chances of Getting a Raise by Asking at the Right Time

Building up the courage to ask for a raise can be tough, but there are a few ways to increase your chances of actually getting one. Professional networking site LinkedIn recommends asking just before January, June and July. More »

Should I Port My Number to Google Voice?

The one last barrier for you using Google Voice full time—number porting—just got knocked down. But should you use Google Voice? Almost certainly yes. [Gizmodo]

Learn How Many Calories You're Burning with Nearly Any Activity

We've already shown you how to calculate activity-specific calorie burn with Wolfram Alpha, but if you're trying to pick exercises based on their calorie burning powers, this chart will help you out. More »

ClearLock Locks Your Windows Desktop Without Hiding It

Windows: The Windows+L shortcut is a handy for quickly password-protecting your machine, but if you want to lock it while keeping an eye on your desktop, ClearLock will lock your desktop with a transparent layer so you can see what's going on. More »

Quickly Toggle Sharing Preferences in OS X with an AppleScript

If you share files, printers, internet, or other things from your Mac, it can get annoying constantly navigating through System Preferences turning it on and off. Here's an AppleScript that can toggle any of those settings on and off with one click. More »

Check For (But Don't Buy) Extended Warranties When Buying Refurbished

We aren't the biggest fans of extended warranties, but tech blog Unplggd shows us that even though you shouldn't buy one, the fact that they're offered can tell you whether a refurbished product is worth buying. More »

Instascriber Automatically Adds Articles to Instapaper from RSS Feeds

If there are a few blogs from which you know you want to read every single article, it can get annoying constantly adding them to Instapaper for later reading. Free webapp Instascriber will do it for you. More »

See How Fast Netflix Streaming Actually Delivers on Your ISP

When it comes to broadband speeds, ISPs have a sales pitch, and you have Want a real-world test of actual bandwidth? Netflix has released how fast they can deliver HD streams to customers on each U.S. and Canadian ISP. UPDATE. More »

WhiteyNotes Create Small Stick-On Whiteboards Anywhere

Whiteboards are great to have, but maybe you don't need a big one, nailed to a wall. Previously mentioned Whiteboard now makes sticky-note and notepad-sized stick-on whiteboards. They're convenient in offices, kitchens, and other spaces worth writing in. More »
Yesterday - January 27, 2011

Learn to Code Part IV: Understanding Functions and Making a Guessing Game

If you've made it this far in our programming lessons, you've arrived at the reward. Today we're learning about functions and then we're going to make a very simple guessing game. More »

The Difference Between Hummingbird, Snapdragon, OMAP and Tegra 2 Smartphone Processors

There's been a lot of hype surrounding the newest smartphone processors out there, but if you're confused about the difference between them, tech blog Tested has a great explainer on their strengths and weaknesses. More »

Remains of the Day: Google Starts Censoring BitTorrent

Google stops autocompleting searches relating to BitTorrent, Facebook starts using your status updates as advertisements, and 3G Verizon phones may, in fact, be able to use data and voice at the same time. More »

How To Navigate A New Job

Starting a new job can be like the first day of school all over again, only scarier because you're a grownup and you have to worry about getting fired. Luckily, we have some tips for settling in. [Jezebel]

Why Should I Care About HTTPS on Facebook (or Other Web Sites)?

Dear Lifehacker,
I'm not a huge nerd, but everyone's talking about switching to HTTPS on Facebook because it's so much better. Why is it better and why should I care? More »

The X-Ray Desk

If you're looking for a sturdy desk with a futuristic vibe, this workspace crafted from an X-ray illuminator fits the bill. More »

How to trick your brain into remembering what you study

Ever wonder why you can go over a book again and again and still be completely lost when tested on what you read? It may be because you haven't practiced remembering. [io9]

Make an Emergency Oil Lamp from a Can of Tuna

Here's a good fit for your emergency kit: Get double-duty from a few cans of tuna. Sure you get the food, but not so fast with the eating! You also get an oil lamp that'll burn for hours. More »

What Tools and Tricks Do You Employ to Reduce Power Consumption?

We love technology, but we don't necessarily love the effects it has on our power bills. Sure, some regular unplugging can help, but aren't there better options? What do you do to cut down on power consumption? More »

Sync Your Desktop Between Computers Using Dropbox

We've detailed how to use Dropbox to sync your home folder across platforms, but for people whose entire workflow revolves around their desktop, that's not necessarily enough. The Mac blogger at Not Very Correct describes how he syncs his desktop, as well. More »

Briss Trims PDFs so They Fit Better, Are Easier to Read on Your Ereader

Windows/Mac/Linux: Virtually every current ereader offers native support for the PDF format, but no PDF was designed for your ereader's 5-7" screen. Briss, a cross-platform open-source tool, gives you several ways to trim PDFs to look better on your ereader. More »

Home Dash Makes Firefox a (Useful) Full Screen Browser

Firefox 4 (and betas) only: Most browsers offer a "Fullscreen Mode," but still rely on the same address bar, tabs, and other mechanisms to get you around. Home Dash reconfigures Firefox for quick searching and browsing without any toolbar whatsoever. More »

Why I Get More Done with a Plain Text To-Do List

Gina and Adam P. told me, when I first started at Lifehacker, that their to-do lists were simple text files. "Crazy Amish reactionaries," I thought. Now I'm on Team Plain Text, and I won't go back. Here's why you might join, too. More »
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