The history of the knackers yard, soon to be a forgoten trade that played a big part in rural life for many years


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A Knackerman is a person who collects Dead, Dying and Injured farm animals and Horses

This website came about because the knacker trade has a very bleak future ahead.

John Warman who is behind this website felt that this was the best way to document and write about the history of the knackerman. We hope it will be of interest to some people, as very little is known about this trade to the general public even though over the years the knacker trade has had a very important role to play in agricultural life.

Knackermen are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. At one time they were as important as the police, Ambulance and fire brigade, you could say they were the 4th emergency service. With that the decline in livestock on farms and the growing list of the EU regulations the knackeryard struggles to make a profit, if it wasn't for that the knackermen have done this job all their lives I'm afraid the knacker trade would have long gone.

If there were no knacker yards it would be left to big business to collect and dispose of these animals and that would put a huge burden on the taxpayer.

We also have a forum on this website, because John Warman has many views on the Government's handling of BSE, foot and mouth disease, and the way they implement EU regulations. Please read what John Warman has to say, put your comments on too because we want to know what you think.

If you have any contributions that you think will be helpful to this site (e.g. pictures, stories, facts ect)Please contact us.


John Warman died suddenly on the 25/08/2009

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