Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Your Mom Hates 'Shops Winners

A maternal reproach of Dead Space 2 served as the inspiration for last week's 'Shop Contest challenge. We received more than 800 submissions, so, inevitably, someone's getting left out of this roundup. More »
Fight Night: Champion's demo arrives Tuesday, but apparently some in the UK have gotten their hands on it. Notably, the demo will include online multiplayer. This series of four videos gives you a look at what to expect from it. More »

An FPS-Style Ammo Counter, In Real Life

Playing shooters, I've often wondered if the persistent knowledge of exactly how many rounds you have left delivers a tactical advantage you can't have in real life. This invention delivers a video-game advantage to the battlefield. More »

How A Video Game Made Him Into A Major Leaguer

He'd given up six runs in three innings of work when MLB 10 The Show sent the manager out to remove him from the game. Even in a video game, the bad losses stick with you. They stick with Hans Smith a little more. More »

You're Getting 45 More Angry Birds Levels Come March

Angry Birds Rio isn't the movie we'd been hearing about - it's a crossover with a movie, delivering another 45 levels to Angry Birders in two months, says the game's maker. The pigs don't figure to appear. More »

The Inner Workings of the Mega Buster

Artist Miles D of The Daily Robot gives this schematic interpretation of Mega Man's signature weapon, the Mega Buster. Prints of it and a Proto Buster schematic are available for sale. See the link for details. [Thanks Sim G.]

Box Scores: Your Chance to be a Star

We came up dry in our quest for a game of the week, so let me just remind you folks: Submissions, not just winners, of the epic contests you've played in sports games, get your comment handle starred. Details inside. More »

Classic PC Games Site Will Return — With Activision's Authorization

Though the front of Sarien.net still says the site hosting classic Sierra PC games has gone dark, its owner, Martin Kool, says that it's secured permission from Activision and will "become an authorized game portal with a bright future." More »

The Moneysaver: The Day After Friday

I grab a deal. I choke him and I kick the shit out of him. All day long got my foot up a deal's ass. Just bang, bang, bang up his ass. That's my pleasure. More »
Yesterday - January 28, 2011

This Zelda Box Set Isn't Real, But It Damn Well Should Be

In the real world, there is no such thing as a special Zelda edition of the Nintendo 3DS. Not yet, anyway. That hasn't stopped artist wasa-bi-redux from dreaming of his own, though, and those dreams are, well. Dreamy. More »

Beat Dead Space 2 And It Will Give You The Finger

Like most games, you get some cool stuff for completing Dead Space 2. Complete the game on its "hardcore" difficulty, though, and you'll get something better than cool. More »

Drunkémon — Gotta Regret 'Em All

Apparently in the throes of a bad breakup, one artist did what we all do in times of disappointment and distress: Seek medication in the form of that good, good likker. Then he made up some Pokémons. More »

You Can Soon Save Your PS3 Games In Thin Air

Kotaku has learned that earlier today, Sony informed developers of a new feature for the PlayStation 3: the ability to save games in the "cloud". More »

This Guy Wants His Video Game Back

But first he has to put on some makeup. With a Sharpie. And then find his sword. More »

Alien Vs. Dead Space — In 3D

Alien vs. Dead Space, by Vitor Zago. Don red/blue glasses to see the 3D effect. (Click it for big size). Or see the original work in standard color. Seen on DeviantArt.

Woe Betide He Whose Gamertag Appears In A Black Ops Trailer

An ordinary gamer is cleaning his Xbox Live inbox of dozens of friend requests each day, most of them containing a mercy plea from some Call of Duty cheater. What happened? His gamertag was shown in a Black Ops trailer. More »

Nintendo, Let's Have Great Metroid & Zelda 25th Anniversaries

On September 13, 2010, Nintendo celebrated the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. In 2011, two of its other great adventures, Nintendo Entertainment System games Metroid and The Legend of Zelda reach the same milestone. We should celebrate, Nintendo. More »

Minecraft Makes The Dark Descent

Yesterday, Minecraft brought to you the Lockout map from Halo 2. Today, it's the first two rooms of the PC survival horror title Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Minecraftized. Minecraftizied? Minecraftified? Minecraftufactured? Whatever, here's the video. More »

Game Artist Don Barnes Fatally Stabbed In Attempt To Stop Fight

Donald Barnes Jr., a video game artist formerly of EA Sports and Activision and the father of two children, was fatally stabbed earlier this week in Oak Park, California. More »

Which Gaming Rig to Buy

I think I'm narrowing in on a choice. Looks like it's probably going to be an Origin because I found a case that love. More »

How A Randy Robot and a Bit of Team Fortress Showed up in Monday Night Combat

It started with a lunchtime brainstorm by the guys who make Monday Night Combat: Maybe Valve would like to do a Team Fortress crossover? That began a process that required all of a 15-minute drive and a handshake. More »

When Mario Karters Crash

What if Mario Kart's most wreckless racers didn't just get back on the track after a crash? Bad things, according to humor site Dorkly Bits. More »

The Manly Art Of Posing With Video Game Systems

I've never posed with a video game system. I doubt you have either. But the top men in video games do that any time there's new gaming hardware to show off. How cool can you look posing with plastic? More »

A Visual Guide To Black Ops First Strike

Lurking somewhere beneath this striking Left 4 Dead style First Strike zombie poster are a series of screens showing off the new zombie playground and four new multiplayer maps coming to Xbox Live on February 1. Study them and survive. More »

Yikes, Maybe The Xbox 360 Can't Replace The Cable Box

Five families in the Boston area agreed to ditch their cable TV connection for a week and use an XBox 360, Apple TV, or similar device instead. Stories like this usually involve relieved, money-saving people. Not this one. More »

Epic Games: Sony's Next Gen Portable is a "Pretty Huge Deal"

Launched earlier this week, Sony's hefty NGP already has quite a number of game developer fans. Among them is the company behind Gears of War, Unreal Tournament and Bulletstorm. More »

The 10 Real Life Lessons Of Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is not just a video game. It is an educational experience, full of zen wisdom. [Jezebel]

Sure, Let's Release Genetically Engineered Mosquitos Into The Wild

Malaysia recently released 6,000 genetically modified mosquitoes into the wild. What reason could there possibly be to justify such a thing? More »

What's Your Favorite Gaming Desktop?

It looks like I am now officially in the market for a new gaming desktop and what better way to figure out what to get then to ask the gamers of Kotaku? More »

How Sony Can Make Their Next Gen Portable A Must Buy

Today, Sony is on the handheld gaming campaign trail, preparing for us to vote with our dollars this fall. Should you buy an NGP — the successor to the PSP — in late 2011? More »

The New Wii Kirby Loses The Yarn But Keeps The Epic

Revealed during yesterday's Nintendo investor meeting in Japan, there's a new Kirby game headed to the Nintendo Wii, and this time around the pink puffball is a bit more substantial than he was in Kirby's Epic Yarn. More »
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