D4DR Media owns and operates a diverse portfolio of websites in the two main categories: Adventure Sport Sites, and Consumer Information Sites.

Adventure is In Our Genes

At D4DR Media we not only publish leading adventure sport sites, we participate in the activities at the heart of each of our online properties. Our sites are born from a passion for those activities and because of that our focus on community comes naturally. This direct involvement drives our commitment to developing the best, most user-friendly and useful destinations for our users. After all, we don't just build sites, we use them.

Every site in our network is grounded on a stable and scalable technology platform that has evolved with us for more than a decade. As we continue to build on that foundation we're constantly adding features and functionality that enable us to bring high quality, user-driven content to our users.

If you have a mutated D4DR gene, chances are we'll meet you on one of our sites.


Scuba Diving - Divetime.com Divetime.com hosts the largest database of scuba diving sites, locations and destinations on the web. Other features include an extensive gear catalog, scuba diving video and photo galleries.

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Skydiving - Dropzone.com Dropzone.com is the single best source for skydiving information on the Internet. It has been serving the skydiving community and promoting the sport online since 1994.

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Skydiving - Dropzone.com Find a new place to run, record your personal best running times, post photos and maps from your last mountain biking adventure, plan your first marathon. Whatever your outdoor passions, you can find them here.

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Rock Climbing - Rockclimbing.com Rockclimbing.com is the premier online destination for rock climbers around the globe, providing a wealth of climbing information and features. It houses the web's largest and most active community of climbers.

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BASE Jumping - BASEjumper.com BASEjumper.com is home to some of the world's most extreme sportsmen and women. BASE jumping is a sport involving the use of a parachute to jump from fixed objects.

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BScubish.com A scuba diving portal with information about thousands of diving locations around the world, discussion forums, a buddyfinder, scuba gear shop and more.

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We Inform the Consumer

As part of D4DR Media's growing portfolio of consumer information sites we invite you to visit the following destinations:


Industrial Equipment - IndustrialFocus.com IndustrialFocus.com provides valuable information to consumers of industrial products and services. You'll fine articles, guides, videos, and reviews about various topics, including industrial equipment, products and services.

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Home Consumer Guide - BetterHomeGuide.com BetterHomeGuide.com is a valuable tool for all consumers of home products and services. You'll find various articles guides and reviews about remodeling, DIY, restoration, and home appliances.

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