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New Political Structures

Committee agendas and minutes

Political structure of East Riding of Yorkshire Council


East Riding of Yorkshire Council consists of 67 local councillors elected by residents of the East Riding. The council area is divided into 26 wards, each of which is represented by one or more Councillors (also known as Members) elected for a term of four years. Unlike some other areas, in the East Riding we elect all 67 of our Councillors simultaneously.


When does the Council meet?


Councillors come together every six weeks to meet as the Full Council. Every year, at the Annual Meeting, the Council elects a Chairman and a Vice Chairman for the year. The Chairman or Vice Chairman chairs meetings of the Council and also fulfil all ceremonial and civic roles on behalf of the council.


Who are my Councillors?


If you are unsure about who your representatives are, you can find out at any Customer Service Centre, or by contacting the Democratic Services Unit at County Hall. They can also tell you how to get in touch with your Councillors directly.


Alternatively you can use the Councillor Finder on this website.


Who is the Leader of the Council?


Since the May 2007 local elections, East Riding of Yorkshire Council has a Conservative majority. Councillor Stephen Parnaby, Leader of the Conservative Group, is currently Leader of East Riding of Yorkshire Council.