The Daily Shoot

Fill the frame of a photograph with a single subject today.
Get out there, take a photograph, upload it, and tweet a link to @dailyshoot with the hashtag: #ds443
1938 photographers have made 45463 photos for 443 assignments.

Photography is an art and a craft. Getting better at both requires practice—lots of practice. The Daily Shoot is a simple daily routine to motivate and inspire you to practice your photography, and share your results! It’s not a contest and there are no prizes. It's simply about encouraging you to pick up your camera and make photographs.

It's easy to get started! Here’s how:

  1. Follow @dailyshoot on Twitter. Every day at 10 am EST (2 pm GMT) a new photo assignment is posted to the @dailyshoot Twitter account. The assignment is tweeted again at 8 pm EST (12 am GMT) as a reminder. Some assignments are simple to help you keep the momentum, and others are more challenging to push you to learn something new.

  2. When you make a photo for the assignment you want to share, simply upload it to one of the supported photo sharing sites.

  3. Tweet a link to your photo mentioning @dailyshoot and the assignment’s hashtag (example). Several times an hour the Daily Shoot elves process these tweets and add thumbnails to your photos on this site.

Two suggestions: First, don't short change yourself by responding to an assignment with an old picture. Get out there and make something new and fresh. Second, while it's easy to take lots of shots, choose your best one to link to with your tweet. Choosing your best exercises your editing skills, and that's valuable too.

That's it. There aren't any other rules. You aren't going to get demerits if you miss a few days, nor will you get gold stars for doing every assignment. We're just here to help you with a little nudge every day. The rest is up to you!

Who’s Behind This?

James Duncan Davidson is a photographer, author, and recovering software developer. He travels around the world shooting events like TED and Web 2.0 Summit. Some of his photographs appear in his Flickr stream.

Mike Clark is a programmer, consultant, and author based in Denver, CO. He also runs training events through The Pragmatic Studio. You can find some of his photography in his Flickr stream.

Some of the code that makes this site hum along was written by Urban Hafner and Patrick Lenz. The Daily Shoot website runs on Heroku and is underwritten by Luma Labs.

Need Help?

Start by checking out the frequently asked questions. Have an assignment suggestion or comment? Let us know!

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