The breasts are emanators of a quality of DIVINE TRUTH that begins at the heart. The heart in connection to the pubic bone chakra, which is aligned to the ovaries, brings the emanation of nurturing out for all to have.

Without this connection the breasts receive the end results of the disharmony.

The breasts are an area of a woman’s body that is not fully comprehended for what it truly is. Of course, we know that the breasts are for feeding the developing young, but what is not known is that they emanate, if and only if they are clear, the 'LIGHT OF NURTURING'. If the ’light of nurturing’ is emanated, this natural and lost true way of being will be re-instated. This knowledge is in-line with and equal in importance to the way the shoulders of a man can emanate ‘the light of caring‘ for another.


The breasts cannot emanate the 'LIGHT OF NURTURING'

if the woman is not self-nurturing.

Unfortunately, and to our own demise, as a result of the women having to resort to a more male driven energy to get through what is demanded of them to simply win back some form of equality in society, they have lost their inner-instincts to self-nurture – thus the lack of true self-nurturing that now prevails in our world. In energetic truth, it is not only the women that get directly affected by this ill-way of being, but we all do - as a result of the lack of this light impulsing and inspiring us to be more self-loving.

Lack of self-nurturing is now a significant global problem and
in particular for women, as it is the energetic cause of breast cancer and
its ill rise in our societies everywhere.

For a long time women have been accepting, or treating as normal, the fact that they get a few lumps in their breasts at every cycle or at some point in time. Some have them there all of the time. We are told/taught that these lumps are ok in some way and that because they are just benign or just simple ‘lumps’, there needs to be no concern. Of course, this is true from a terminal illness point of view, but not so if energetic truth is sought. The fact that they are there is demonstrating that something is not in harmony. If there is no harmony, there is no true light. 

This is significant, for without our true light, not only do we suffer from our lesser way of being but so too does all else suffer from our lesser way of being with them.

Our breasts hold energetic imposts - these come from how we feel about our breasts as in: ‘I hate my breasts’, ‘they are too big’, ‘too small’, ‘I do not want to develop breasts as they attract the wrong sort of attention’ etc. In effect any one thing you think ill about yourself as a woman affects your breasts and ovaries. Then there are the external imposts from men, for example men who use breasts as their classification of attraction. And then there are those from society, i.e. ‘you did not breastfeed for long enough’, etc. So there are many imposts in the breasts. This is a huge issue. The Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) can help clear the imposed ills that come from ourselves and from those who impose on us.

“We must free the woman to allow her to truly be in every way
so that we can benefit from her living stillness and natural nurturing ways.”
~ SB

Every time your breasts get affected, that is, sore or lumpy, it can contribute to a lung condition, and a digestive issue. And if the breasts are affected, so too are the ovaries, which emanate the ‘light of Femaleness’, and hence, they too are suppressed and contracted from their natural way of impulsing – this actually occurs – they then affect the breasts.


‘The woman’s breasts belong to the woman’

  • The woman's breasts are not sexual objects.
  • The woman's breasts are not feeders for the young.

A woman’s breasts belong to her.


The breasts can be lovingly used sexually or they can be lovingly used to feed the young, but they must come back to the woman as they belong to the woman.
It is important that this is understood. The breasts are attached to the woman and thus naturally belong to her as part of her body. By choice, what they do and or how they are used is one thing, but they must not belong to the form of usage, for that is where the confusion leads to the neglect and eventually the unconscious resentment.

The woman must be enriched by her own body parts. In this case, if a woman’s breasts are not loved and adored as they are, in whatever shape or size they are, they can be neglected and or, they can become objects that are used for everyone else but herself.

The Esoteric Breast Massage assists to heal many issues such as painful periods, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, bloating/water retention, and pre-menstrual and menopausal symptoms.

It is not surprising to see the amazing results, but most importantly, the deeply revealing discoveries that women are making about themselves through the release of what is insidiously held in their nurturing centres – their breasts.

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