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A New Book on the Block and A New Natur Beta

Sez the Chris G. Williams about the fruits of his collaboration with George W. Clingerman:

Weighing in at 552 pages and featuring a foreward [sic] by the legendary James Silva (Ska Studios, creator of The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile, I MAED A GAME W1TH Z0MB1ES 1NIT!!!1, and more...) this book gives thorough coverage of XNA 4.0 as it relates to Windows Phone 7.

Continue reading more at Professional Windows Phone 7 Game Development: Creating Games using XNA Game Studio 4 (named in true Microsoft style and spirit…)

Via the forums comes the word that a new beta release of Natur is available. You do not know what Natur is? Well, neither do I so here’s the blurb from CodePlex:

Natur allows you to easily create and manage maps in 3D using the Xna framework. As you build your map, you can enter simulation mode at any time; this will activate bounds, physics, and any game logic such as animations and triggers. The following are currently supported:

  • Animations
  • Bounding Systems
  • Interactive Objects
  • Lighting
  • Locations
  • Physic Simulation
  • Spawn Points
  • Texture Palettes
  • Triggers


Making money in Xbox 360 indie game development: Is it possible?

Via that Clingerman laddie comes the nice write up on making money on XBLIG over on Bitmob by Demian Linn:

Four premier Xbox Live Indie Games developers talk real-world sales figures and the challenges – and rewards – of trying to go it alone.


Dedication for Captain boki

And here's the screenshots for Captain boki :)

With love

Best wishes,

Captain ZSquare


Screen-space deformations in XNA for Windows Phone 7

Captain ZSquare shares his technique to do screen-space deformations on Windows Phone 7. Introduces Catalin:

Working on our games, we came across the need to do some screen-space deformations for all sorts of special effects like explosions, ‘drunk filter’, warp effects and other similar stuff. But since we’re targeting Windows Phone 7, we don’t have access to any custom shaders (which is a bummer), so we had to be creative. In the end, the solution turned out to be rather simple, and the performance is good enough (if you don’t go overboard with the effects, of course).

See the post for screen shoots and code!

Lets see if Captain ZSquare reposts this one with a screen shoot, too :)


XNA 4.0 Light Pre-Pass

Jorge Coluna posted an article on his site about implementing the Light Pre-Pass technique for rendering in XNA 4.0

Light Pre-Pass in XNA 4.0

Read all about it here.


Indiefreaks Game Framework released

This just in!

Philippe Da Silva announced the availability of the Indifreaks Game Framework, v

The Indiefreaks Game Framework is a set of .Net libraries compiling a few years of experimenting and prototyping design patterns developing games for Microsoft Xna Framework using the SynapseGaming SunBurn graphics engine.

The goal here is to share with the community what I consider as best practices so they can avoid going through the same steps as I did. The Indiefreaks Game Framework is totally free (like in free beer) to use but it still requires you to acquire a SunBurn engine license.

Looking at the framework's official page, you can see some pretty interesting stuff that's in the framework, including

  • Smart Content Management
  • Smart Input Management
  • Cameras
  • Alpha Blended Rendering

Go and take a look for yourself.


Weekly XNA Notes from George

George W. Clingerman seems to be able to keep up with his weekly XNA Notes with the third installment (also see One and Two). Endorses The Shawn:

Will he keep doing it? Is this something you should bookmark? I hope so, and definitely!

We here in the barracks have nothing to add to that.


XNA 4.0 Light Pre-Pass

Jorge Coluna shares the code and an article of his Light Pre-Pass technique for XNA 4.0. Says the Jorge:

The discussion between pros and cons of different techniques for real-time lighting has been running for years. Forward rendering, deferred shading and light pre-pass are some of the most famous techniques nowadays. Their definitions and variations can be found with a simple search on internet, with all the most complex mathematics, notations and formulas possible. Therefore I will not focus on this.


XnaFlixel for XNA 4.0

Someone be the handle of graydsl announced the immediate availability of XnaFlixel on GitHub. Sez the laddie:

XnaFlixel is a XNA 4.0 port of flixel ( It's highly experimental now and I'm planning to break the whole API to make it more C#-ish. It's not tested on Xbox yet, so if you plan to use it, don't expect to much.


XBuilder v0.2 released a while ago

My timing is extremely bad, but I finally managed to get this info out here.

Version 0.2 of XBuilder, made by Tim Jones, is now available. For those who wonder, Xbuilder is "an extension for Visual Studio 2010 which lets you preview your XNA assets (models, effects and textures) right inside Visual Studio.".

You can read the announcement for v0.2 here.