Aaron Toa Bonar is a candidate for the Hawaii State Senate in District 19, which includes Kapolei where he lives and works, Honokai Hale, Makakilo, Kalaeloa, Royal Kunia, Village Park, Waikele, and parts of Ko Olina and Waipahu. Aaron has been trained in economics and analysis, is an experienced business owner, and is firmly committed to the concepts of individual rights and responsibilities. Aaron and his wife Nickie, have two children, their 11 year old daughter Arianna and their 3 year old son Alexander.

Aaron has deep ties to Oahu. His grandfather, the late Mageo Tamatane Aga was a WW II veteran, a member of the Fitafita Guard in American Samoa who was brought with his family to the island by the US Navy in 1951. His grandmother Eseese Aga passed away in 1962 and is buried at the Punchbowl military cemetery. His family still lives on Oahu, many of them within the district.

Aaron’s two children participate in the K12 home school program here in Hawaii, a program he has praised repeatedly as being one of the most professional and effective home school programs in the nation. His wife Nickie is a disabled Iraq war veteran, and he has many other family members including his sister who have or are currently serving in Iraq and elsewhere.

Aaron collecting school supplies with fellow Rotarian Marissa Capelouto
Aaron Bonar helping to collect donations of school supplies
along with fellow Rotarians, including Marissa Capelouto

Like most Hawaii residents, Aaron is very dissatisfied with our state's leadership. Most the the problem lies with our State Legislature, where important reforms get bottled up each year, and whose members frequently vote to increase the already high cost of living for our families and the high cost of doing business for the employers which create jobs for island residents.

Recognizing that our state needs serious leadership for these tough times, Aaron is commited to delivering positive change after he is elected, by fixing what's broken in our state government; so that taxpayers receive their money's worth from Hawaii's struggling public education system, so that our transportation system delivers better roads and highways, and by working to ensure that Hawaii residents are no longer overtaxed by a government which for too long has been focused on spending your family's hardearned money rather than actually getting lasting results.

Mahalo for visiting AaronBonar.com. If you believe that you deserve better results and better representation, please support Aaron Toa Bonar in the General Election on November 2nd.