Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, wellknown Jesuit paleontologist, scientist and mystic, was the first man to realize that history of the Universe and life told by Science is that of a rise towards complexity and consciousness (From big-bang to mineral, then to the life and gradually to the consciousness in the superior animals, and finally the rise of the thought from the Human top of the complexity). That raises the question : Consciousness, effect of complexity, is it the aim of the Evolution ? Any

The most recent change (still under way) transforming the reality of the Universe from a static to an evolutionary state has all the characteristics of a profound and definitive event (The way I believe, Christmas 1933).

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The image below shows the tears that the mystical sense, the spirit of childhood or the feminine sensitivity, have the capacity to operate in the veil which separates us rom the invisible world

Perhaps it is given, to you and me, to see tearing a side of the veil f the illusion of the world, and to perceive a negligible part of a idden truth. It is this radiant truth veiled that a scientific, philosophical and mystical man, Father Teilhard of Chardin perceived n its vision of an evolution carrying the Man towards one dazzling ight of what he calls the Oméga point. It exceeds the history of he men by showing us the infinite beauty of the cosmogénèse…