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    Mappingthecloud - Presentation Transcript

    1. Mapping the Cloud Ethan Zuckerman September 5,2009 Ars Electronica Linz, Austria
    2. “rebbelib”, “stick chart” or “shell chart” Marshall Islands, circa 1900
    3. “mattang” - smaller, square charts used to teach the principles of navigating by ocean swells
    4. shells represent islands curved and diagonal lines represent ocean swells Captain Winkler, 1901
    5. Mapping infrastructure
    6. Map of telegraph connections 1891 Stielers Hand-Atlas, Plate No. 5
    7. Steamship routes, American Express Company, circa 1900
    8. detail from Rand, Mc.Nally & Co's official railroad map of the United States with portions of the Dominion of Canada, the Republic of Mexico, and the West Indies, circa 1893
    9. Donna Cox, Robert Patterson, NSFNET, 1992 From Martin Dodge’s “An Atlas of Cyberspaces”
    10. Opte project January 2005
    11. “In Transit” from Cabspotting Stamen Design, using data from Yellow Cab
    12. infrastructure maps: what could happen flow maps: what does happen Maps of infrastructure show us what’s possible. Maps of flow show us what actually happens.
    13. by Zurich University of Applied Sciences using data from
    14. Daniel Cohen “Imaginary Globalization”
    15. the promise and the of the cloud reality...
    16. Infrastructure matters.
    17. GAP map of Technorati influential bloggers. 8/31/09 Attention matters, too.
    18. - How many of these pages are written by Americans? - By English speakers? - By people from a very different socio-economic strata? - By people who strongly disagree with me on an ideological issue?
    19. humans flock too photo by James@NZ
    20. photo by Dr. Zaro the cloud invites us to image a borderless world...
    21. in reality, we tend to be pretty parochial
    22. photo by bass_nroll photo by metled_snowball photo by droïd the cloud can lure us into “imaginary cosmopolitanism”... photo by rickz photo by xeni
    23. ...but it also gives us the tools to shrink the world
    24. photo bysubpop77 map who and what we know, what we pay attention to photo by tracyshaun photo by inju
    25. look at flow, as well as infrastructure
    26. build bridges
    27. resist homophily photo by FortPhoto
    28. the cloud is not a prediction it’s a prophecy
    29. thanks!

    Ethan ZuckermanEthan Zuckerman + Follow Processing...

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