Welcome to Marquis Bank

When you bank with Marquis, no matter what stage of your career or life you’re at, you may benefit from a wealth management service that includes banking, investment and financial planning expertise delivered in a personal way. Our extensive range of flexible products and services is designed for clients seeking a full private banking service.

Marquis has built its reputation on understanding the needs of individuals, whatever their walk of life, and responding to them effectively and discreetly.

Whether you are rapidly progressing in your career, or building your business, and are looking to build your wealth, we can provide a fast track into Marquis. Equally, if you have built your wealth and wish to see it grow, our approach to total wealth management, supported by our award winning approach to investments can help you continue to achieve your goals.

Marquis Services

As a client of Marquis, we can offer you a full range of services

  • Banking
  • Investment
  • Wealth protection
  • Marquis proposition for Charities
  • Philanthropy
Marquis your way

Marquis has an extensive range of banking and credit services incorporating current account banking, a range of deposit facilities, mortgages, card products and lending packages: you will have

  • A choice of cards to suit your needs
  • A flexible choice of borrowing facilities
  • Access to 24hour and online banking services

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