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Information, Trip reports, pictures, news and videos about Pattaya, Thailand.

Looking for information on Pattaya? Looking for a decent Pattaya forum? On our Thailand and Pattaya forum, we have all the latest news, links, reviews, one to one advice, hotels, bar experiences, gogo bar information, Pattaya Videos and pictures galore.

Although only launched in December 2006, some years after the other large Pattaya Forums, we now have over 40,000+ members, 5,500+ individual visitors every day and 1,000,000+ posts on all aspects of Pattaya and other areas of Thailand, making it the fastest growing Pattaya Forum on the Internet. There is a great mixture of threads, posts, competitions and reports from both ex-pats and frequent visitors making it an ideal source of information for both the experienced and first time visitor to Pattaya. Whatever your question you will find an answer in the Pattaya Forum for the addicted.

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Mission Statement
Our aim is to Promote Pattaya to both previous and potential tourists or to current and potential expats. We aim to provide a flame free environment whereby
members of the expatriate and tourist community can share the latest news, reviews, businesses news, accommodation and the various activities available in Pattaya.

We also aim to use our membership numbers to get group discounts and promotions.

Our aim is to remain the largest social networking website and also to arrange meetings and bar crawls around various locations around Pattaya.

So you wanna live in Pattaya? One possible way!

In the meantime please visit our other forums and websites:

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