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It has been a passion of mine for some time to collect information and detail on the name VINT.  The reason for my interest is easy to explain - my name is Allan Scott Vint.  As a young man it became obvious to me that there were not too many Vints around my district, in fact every Vint I knew was a direct relation of mine.  I began to wonder if there were other families of Vint out there in my country (Scotland) and what of the world?

The website I have presented here contains some of the findings I have gleened from various sources about the name itself.  I am also happy to give details of my ancestry and, where possible, point towards others of the 'clan'.  My thanks to those who have helped provide additional information.  In geneology it is indeed good to share!

Please enjoy the site and if you are able to expand the information given or want to find out more I would be more than happy to hear from you.

Allan Vint - September 2007