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Please take note, the archive is NOT for adult fiction only.  While the majority of the fiction archived is for readers over the age of 17, ALL Sam/Jack related fic is *very* welcome! However, if you are under age, please read the material that is appropriate for your age.
Most Recent
Motherhood by ziva Mature
Sam is presented with an opportunity which could change her life in ways she can't even imagine.
The Aschen Confederation by A Karswyll Teens
The year is 2010 and Earth has joined the Aschen Confederation. But not all realities chose to change their past. Some realities chose to change their future.
Academy Daze: Year Four by KellethMetheus Older Kids
A look at Jon and Cassie's first year and the Academy mixed in with the events of season 8.
Closure by LSgrimm91 All Ages
Jack returns to Edora one last time, to find some closure before he can move on with his life. S/J Shipper friendly. S8, Post 'Threads'.
The Eagle by LSgrimm91 Teens
Jack never forgot the day in Iraq when his men looked to the sky and cheered the arrival of the legendary 'Eagle'. The day he was ready to die, and the day he promised...
Sacrifices by LSgrimm91 Teens
Jack makes a big mistake, as a result of a few too many scotches after the events of 'Line in the Sand', and cannot make amends when Sam is believed to have died...
Dreams of the Soul by KellethMetheus Older Kids
This is the sequel to Wishes of the Heart and it continues on from the end. Who was calling and why.....
Consequences of Being Touched by fems Adult
Seven years after the Touched-virus, a new alien virus affects those previously infected. As the disease spreads, memories and bonds thought long forgotten come...
Lost Soul by Rocza Teens
A teenager is shot and dumped in a Marine's truck. Can Gibbs help return this lost soul home? Updated with grammer fixes and tweeks. No new content. NOMINATED FOR...
You Get What You Need by Rocza Mature
PART 2-The members of SG-1 have gone their seperate ways. Can Jack bring them back? Can he get them to forgive themselves? Or is SG-1 truly just a memory? Sequel...
Random Story
The Need for Chocolate by Gen Varel Older Kids
Jack likes to share special moments with a special person in his life. This time is a "chocolate"...
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Happy Birthday Col. Carter!

It's Dec 29th..Samantha Carter's Birthday!!...Thanks again to Amanda Tapping for giving us such a character to enjoy and to all our writers who have taken up the cause...

Have a nice day everyone..and hug your loved ones..


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Congratulations to our 2010 winners

Congratulations to our 2010 Gatefic winners Gen Varel for 'Betrayal' and Merkaba for 'Continuum Interrupted'

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Upgraded text editor

I upgraded the text editor ...we have lots of new features

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And lots more....



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