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Life is short! Break the rules! Laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you smile!


Dial-a-fin books is a small independent publishing company created for the sole purpose of bringing before the public the rather off-the-wall verse, cartoons and reminiscences of its creator. These little offerings are the distillation of over 70 years experience of this wonderful, lunatic world and from the sublime to the ridiculous he potters absurdly into the realms of complete fat-headedness in his meanderings. Nobody and nothing is exempt, politicians, the joys of growing old, army life, country ways, religion, work – they’re all fair game ‘cos he’s been there and laughed at it all.

And now he’s growing old he still laughs particularly at himself even when life seems to consist of a perpetual journey to and from the toilet.

But as everybody knows, laughter is subversive, it upsets things, it makes a rude gesture at all those rigid systems and conventions so beloved of petty authority everywhere. There are times when the frustrating idiocy of some major organizations and government departments can only be combated by laughter because the alternative is usually high blood pressure and tears. It may not alter anything, in fact it certainly won’t, but it will make you feel better about it all.

Above all laughter is beneficial because it releases endorphins in the body which, according to the people who know about these things, are more powerful than the equivalent dose of morphine. 

You may not get high on laughter but its great fun and it could improve your health too.

So laugh, life isn’t intended to be taken too seriously and if you die laughing there are worse ways to go. The medicine is available off prescription in a series of inexpensive booklets available through the post at a very modest cost. Why not try one and see they could be just the thing to send as a small gift as the cost is very little more than an average birthday card and we can send direct if you wish. There are tasters on all our pages so you might get the first injection free!

Meet some of the characters from “Is there laughter in Heaven?


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