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As of closing February 1, 2010

US comedian calls Pacquiao 'illiterate', bashes Pinoys

Posted at 04/04/2010 4:27 PM | Updated as of 04/06/2010 2:32 PM

MANILA, Philippines – An American comedian allegedly hurled racist comments against Filipinos and pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao after talks of a Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Jr. bout fizzled out.

In a radio talk show, radio personality Adam Carolla attacked Pacquiao for refusing to undergo the Olympic-style blood testing, which was demanded by Mayweather.

“Pacquiao doesn't believe, he says, he doesn't give blood the month of a fight or a week before a fight because somehow it’s gonna weaken him and what have you,” Carolla said in the on-air radio interview, excerpts of which were aired on ANC’s “Dateline Philippines Sunday.”

“I gotta tell you, if that was a white fighter and probably even a black fighter, if the black fighter was from Atlanta or somewhere like that, someone would go, ‘What the f**k are you talking about? Give your drop of blood. That’s not gonna make a difference,” Carolla said.

“But because he's from the Philippines and because he’s prayin’ to chicken bones and stuff like that, everyone’s kinda like, ‘Well you gotta respect him for his belief system.' No you don't. He’s a f****n’ idiot,” the American comedian continued.

The Pacquiao-Mayweather blockbuster bout, which was originally slated on March 13, did not push through because of the disagreement on the blood testing protocol.

Carolla to Filipinos: Get a life

Carolla, a television host and actor who hosts “The Adam Carolla Podcast,” also made disparaging remarks about Filipinos as well as the Philippines.

“Here's how you know your country doesn’t have a lot going for it—when everything is about Manny Pacquiao,” he went on. “Get a f****n’ life as a country, all you’ve f****n’ got is this illiterate guy who won't give up blood who happens to smash other guys in the head better than other people, that's all you have as the Philippines?”

He even talked about Pacquiao’s bid for the Sarangani Province congressional seat in the May 10 elections.

“Really, you want some guy with brain damage running your country? Why don't you get your sh*t together?”

He continued: “They got this and sex tours, that's all they have over there. Get your sh*t together Philippines. Jesus Christ. I mean, again, it's fine to be proud of your countrymen. But that's it? That's all you got?”

Carolla then wondered if there were really “sex tours” in the Philippines, noting that he would like to be booked in such a tour.

It was his co-host who pointed out that the sex tours are held in Thailand. “Nah, same difference,” commented Carolla.

The co-host even talked about the sex trade in a naval base in the Philippines where “there were lots of craziness goin’ there when the guys are on shore leave. It's like 20 dollars for the weekend.” – With a report from ANC

Adam Carolla's photo courtesy of

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You are a shame to your

You are a shame to your countrymen.... I hope I can punch you in the face.

Pacquiao vs Margarito | Pacquiao vs Margarito | Pacquiao Margarito


You guys don’t know what’s the truth about USA. Breaking News - a seven year-old kid was gang-rapped because of her 15 year old sister who sold her sister for sex.

So for all of you who don't know what's going on around... Better love and fight for your own country-Philippines.

I couldn’t believe the mentality of some of the bloggers here siding on Sadam Crayola’s extreme comments and totally unacceptable. He doesn’t even know the meaning of illiterate. It’s very obvious that Sadam Corolla’s mouth thinks faster than his damaged brain, or maybe no brain at all. Adam, you know your comments are not funny at all. Actually, your face posted on the internet is a lot funnier than your jokes. What a loser contestant in Dancing with the Stars! Apparently, you are so jealous and extremely envious of Pacman’s success and popularity that capture the world’s attention. So get a fuk%%ng life!



Carolla- boastful tv host. He's showing himself that he is also an idiot person the way he commented man.
It is normal to a person to destruct the other personality once he can't accept the reality that a man that he idolised is out of order. May be he's been scratched because the page contains ungodly text like Gorilla "Carolla" words. He think that he is the only man holding a title, overwhelming himself. Take it easy man, you don't have a bundle of life. You're pointing millions which you have only one pair of arms.





mahirap talagang tanggapin ang katotohanan.


mahirap talaga tanggapin ang katotohanan..

he was partly right

he was right. we need to put out s hit together.

we need to straighten up our acts. we have to get the right people to lead us. stop this PANG-MASA mentality. we had several chances but we blew it, we keep electing these PANG-MASA holligans. for once let's vote wisely! we have been the laughing stock of the world. let's end this once and for all... come'on!! we can do it.

Walang utang na loob!

To be honest, I really don't give a crap about this morons(Arinola) opinion. He's obviously talking out of his ass, so there's no point in arguing about what he said. Ang nakakalungkot lang ay yung ibang kababayan natin na hindi lang sinangayunan ang sinabi ng ugok na ito pero pinalakpakan pa! Kung tayo mismong mga Pinoy ang mangdudusta sa ating sariling bansa eh saan na tayo pupulutin.

Ang hindi lumingon sa pinanggaling ay hindi makararating sa paroroonan. Dr. Jose Rizal


going on???

yes theres a lot going on in the philippines besides the prostitution and the illiterate politicians adams talking about we also have the ampatuan massacre, the election circus, corruption and manny pangilinan plagiarize speech, what more can we offer to the world, truly only in the philippines

Crab Mentality

Madame dito nagsasabe na tama lang yan at totoo naman ang mga pinag sasabi ni Adam. Totoo nga may point nga syang naiprisinta pero alalahanin din nating na hindi lang mga Pilipino ang nakikinig sa kanya. In fact, Karamihan ay Amerikano na wala naman talagang alam tungkol sa bansang Pilipinas. So mali talaga ang ginawa ni Carolla. Ang impression tuloy sa atin ngayon ng mga Kabataang Amerikano (Na palagay ko Majority Listener ni Carolla) ay bansang puro "sex trade" lang "Illiterate" "Chikenbone worshiper" "Not a lot going on for it" o kung ano ano pang pinag sasabi nya. Alam naman nating lahat na mga Pilipino na we are more than that. So pakiusap lang sa mga kumukonsente pa sa ginawa ni Carolla. Sana wala na tayong Crab Mentality at pababain pa lalo ang ating bansa dahil babang baba na tayo. Dapat ipaglaban natin kung ano ang tama.